Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

How to become a Startup in Norway?

- Time: 17-20pm, 6th December 2021
- Place: Litteraturhuset i Oslo (Skram hall)
- Target Audienc: Immigrants from all countries and those who want to become a Startup
- Organizer: Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN)

Immigrants are facing some common challenges in their working life. One of the biggest challenges is how to enter working life as a worker into an organization or as an entrepreneur to start up their own businesses. For the later, it's needed to learn more about business cultures, applicable laws, and regulations, in addition to network building, communication skills and new competences development to success in Norway. This workshop will be addressed on some issues of business ideas, small business as normal case and public funding for startups.

Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) is one professional and immigrant organization that has through previously work built up a strong competence in helping immigrants with job search, understanding the work/business culture, and developing ideas for entrepreneurship. CPN also has through its highly educated members a broad contact network in the Norwegian society, in addition to close cooperation with other immigrant organizations and the public sector that manages instruments for innovation.

The workshop is financed by the Oslo Kommune, free of charge and will be held in English. All attendees must register online at, due to the food. The deadline for registration is 2nd December. Please contact Qitao Gan for further information at and mobile 902 66 259


- 17:00 – 17:30 Dinner and networking
- 17:30 – 17:40 Qitao Gan, Vice-president CPN, Welcome and Introduction to CPN
- 17:40 – 18:25 Keynote speech: Truls Berg, CEO & Founding Partner, The quest for digital Insight and innovation success
- 18:25 – 18:35 Coffee/Tea break
- 18:35 – 18:50 Dr. Weiqing Zhang, Vice-president for Innovation and Technology CPN, Public funding for innovation and Startups in Norway
- 18:50 – 19:25 Experience sharing: Dr. Jie Xiang, CEO DinCare AS, Small business survival in Norway
- 19:25 – 19:55 Group discussion and presentations
- 19:55 – 20:00 Closing remarks

Welcome you to the workshop with your experiences and questions!


Truls Berg

Seasoned ICT executive with more than 30 years' experience as a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and busines developer. Founding partner of Digital Insight and the leader of Open Innovation Lab of Norway. The founder and previous Secretary General of Innovation Forum Norway, Norway's leading forum for Innovation Professionals with more than 600 members. He founded Component Software Group in 1997 (now bought up by CGI) and grew that to 180 employees. Also co-founded Comperio, Integrate, Divine Nordic, Inspirator and Movation and served as the chairman of the Norwegian Computer Association from 2001 – 2003. In 2002 he was voted Norwegian Leader of the Year. He is a regular keynote speaker and a columnist in Computerworld, a co-author for several published books, and the editor in-chief of the journal of Innovation Magzine. He will bring his new book to the workshop, too.

He will address some issues, such as business models in a changing world after COVID-19. How important is innovation for startups? Where to begin with new ideas and businesses? as well.

Jie Xiang

Dr. Jie Xiang got a master's degree in communication and Information systems from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China and came to Norway in 2007 for Ph.D. study. He was awarded a doctor's degree in Informatics at University of Oslo in 2011, and then continually worked as Research Engineer in Simula Research Laboratory until 2013. Afterwards, he joined a startup Realcom AS as a development manager and left Realcom in 2017 for his own startup DinCare AS. Since then, he has developed automation control systems via research and innovation projects. At present, his technical solutions have been used by over seven countries.

Through running 'small' businesses in Norway, he gained experiences in different countries with different business cultures. He would share his success stories and lessons learnt to those who are willing to start their own business in Norway. Some issues he will address on include how to run a small business in Norway? How to become a startup? and how to survive and develop as a startup?

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