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Topics for discussion at CPN's annual meeting

By xing.cai - Posted on 30 September 2009

Dear members of CPN:

A main event of this year's CPN annual meeting will be to let all participating members to discuss how CPN should develop further. To prepare you for such a discussion, the following possible topics are for your consideration:

* Possible amendments of the CPN constitution

* Outreach of CPN to the Norwegian society, including
- Media strategy
- Contribution to the society in specific area(s)?
- Collaboration with Norwegian & immigrants organizations

* Funding channels and sponsorship for CPN

* Establishment of professional groups (IT, economy/finance, medicine, engineering)?

* Activities for CPN kids

* Contribution of CPN to China

If you have other topics that you like to discuss at the annual meeting, or if you have strong opinions about the above topics, please email me beforehand. Thanks.

Final reminder: please see for registration, and for the photo competition online vote.

See you on Saturday.

Cai Xing
on behalf of CPN board