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Competition on 'A smater Norway'

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 05 June 2009

Please join the competition if you have some good ideas for making Norway smarter. the deadline is 24th June. More info can be found at

In addition, I would remind you that we need more people to join the parade of the ERAS multi-nation culture festival on Saturday 13 June. Feel free to join us. We will meet 11.30 at Ungstorget.

This Sunday, 7th June CPN choir will practice the songs for the show at EARS festival. Wish more 'singers' to join us. The meeting place is at Spireaveien 16, 0580 Oslo, 13.00 pm. More info about singing is igven below from a email to the choir members.






1。大海 - 合唱
2。康定情歌-一遍老歌词,一遍新歌词 - 领唱 分声部合唱
3。山丹丹 - 安排男女领唱,合唱
4。挪威国歌 - 合唱

总共大约 10-15 分钟。相信很多朋友都有唱过这些歌曲,不难的。只要你来了,跟大家一起唱几遍就会了。让我们一起为6/13的演出努力吧!

See you on Sunday and 13the June!

Nice weekend,
Xiuhua Zhang