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CPN Seminar: Economic Growth in China

By admin - Posted on 26 March 2008

Dear CPN members,

For the upcoming CPN seminar, it is our great pleasure to have Dr. Zheng Jinghai to talk about Chinese economics on April 10 (Thurs). See details below:

Title: "Economic Growth in China"
By: Dr. Zheng Jinghai (Dept. of International Economics, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo)
Date: April 10, 2008, Thursday
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Location: Undervisningsrom 1 (3rd floor) in the George Sverdrups hus (UiO's new library building, marked with number 27 on the attached map)

Abstract of this talk:
China has achieved tremendous economic progress in the last three decades. Since the economic reform process started in 1978, Chinese per capita income has increased eightfold. As the most rapidly rising center of economic development, China has caught the eye of the whole world. While China's unorthodox approach to economic transition has resulted in sustained high growth, in recent years economists have been increasingly concerned about the growth pattern as "extensive", generated mainly through the expansion of inputs. How does an economist view China's growth pattern? What are the inherent factors that are influencing or might influence China's economic growth? Is China's development sustainable? What are the challenges China has to face in the coming years? ....

About Dr. Zheng Jinghai:
Dr. Zheng Jinghai is currently working as a senior research fellow in Dept. of International Economics, NUPI (The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo Norway), and Dept. of Economics, Gothernburg University (Sweden). His research interests are primarily on economic growth and applied productivity analysis on China, as well as earnings assimilation of immigrants in Sweden. Dr. Zheng holds a Bachelor degree of engineering from Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute (Heilongjiang Province, China) and a Doctor degree of economics from Gothenburg University (Sweden). His career of research in economics has been successfully established in the past ten years, during which Dr. Zheng published a number of articles in prestigious journals and actively gave a series of lectures to the public. More information about Dr. Zheng's work can be found here:

We sincerely hope you all could reserve the time for this event!
If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us by email: Liu Fang ( or Lin Yong (

Best Regards,
Liu Fang & Lin Yong
(on behalf of CPN board)