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2014: A successful ERAS festival again

By admin - Posted on 09 September 2014

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ERAS is an association of non-profit, voluntary immigrant organizations working to ensure that all people can live safely together in a diverse, integrative and inclusive society in Norway. CPN has been one of the key organizers of the yearly ERAS festival since 2008. This year, about 30 immigrants organizations joined force to carry out a two-day ERAS festival with great success, between 23-24 August, in front of Oslo's city hall.

As always, CPN contributed to this year's festival with parade, cultural showcase in its tent and on-stage performance. The CPN choir sang two Chinese songs: Curved moon, and My grandmother's Penghu Bay. We congratulate all members of the choir with the great show, and special thanks go to the instructor and conductor, Mr. Zhang Yue and Mrs. Xu Ying, plus all the choir members for their continuous efforts and all the volunteering CPN members for their service to the festival.

Here are some pictures of CPN's participation in this year's ERAS festival, which can provide a vivid impression about this joyful event.

Some pictures of CPN participation are here, which can give more impression about the festival.
More pictures of the festival can be found at

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(Reported by Xiuhua Zhang, 01.september 2014)