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New CPN board for next two years

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 12 October 2012

Dear all,

CPN held a successful annual meeting and the election of new CPN board on 30. September 2012. Tao Qianru resigns from CPN board and Erik Leung is elected as a new board member. Thanks Tao Qianru for her contribution to CPN in the last two years!

This Tuesday CPN board had the first meeting. Board went through the suggestions from CPN members during the annual meeting and talked about rest of the work in this year and coming years.

The assignments of the new CPN board will be:

  • President: Wang Xinli
  • Vice president: Zhang Xiuhua and Cai Xing
  • General Secretary: Bao Haimiao
  • Director for Public Relationship: Mai Tianyu
  • Director for Business Affairs: Su Ji
  • Director for Academic Affairs: Tao Xiaogang and Lin Yong
  • Director for Cultural and Sports: Wang Wanshan and Wang Yunyong
  • Director for Communication and Media: Shao Renjie and Erik Leung

In addition:

  • CPN Accountant: Zhang Huafeng
  • CPN Webmaster: Li Pingju

Coming events:

  • Seminar "Job hunting in Norway", November 15, 2012 17:00‏
  • Seminar "Strengthen your child's self-esteem", October 31, 2012 17:00‏
  • Table-tennis tournament 2012 from Saturday, October 13
  • CPN Choir – information comes later on
  • Christmas party for kids (possible time is the first or second weekend in Dec. 2012)
  • CPN Ski trip (a weekend day in later December 2012 or Feb. 2013)
  • Chinese New Year Party on Saturday 2. February 2013

Best regards,

Xinli Wang

For CPN board