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CPN Seminar - Norwegian Labor Law and Trade Union

By admin - Posted on 09 October 2014

CCI and CPN will host a seminar about the labor law and labor union on October 25th at 14:00 in Ullevaal Panorama with Claus Jervell as speaker. The seminar targets anyone who is either in the job market or those who plan to join the job market soon and will provide information about the labor union and explain some of the common conflicts in the job environment along with suggestions to resolution. The seminar will include a Q&A session and an open discussion, where audiences can bring up their own experiences and questions to share.

More information about the event and the speakers will be posted on the CPN website at

Date and Time: Saturday, October 25, 2014, 14:00-16:00
Location: Ullevaal Panorama
Title: Labor union and the Norwegian labor law
Speaker: Claus Jervell
Language: English
Food serving: Dinner will be provided
Registration page: (the deadline for registration is October 23rd.)

Renjie Shao / Erik Leung