You are hereCPN gathering to Blaafarveværket on Saturday 17. Sept. 2011

CPN gathering to Blaafarveværket on Saturday 17. Sept. 2011

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 24 August 2011

CPN is going to arrange a social activity to visit Blaafarveværket, a Cobalt Mines in Modum, on Saturday 17th September 2011. This gathering is a part of CPN’s project 'Kompetansesenter for Innvandrere', supported by IMDi (The Directorate of Integration and Diversity). The event is jointly organized by CPN, CPN Junior club and Kinaforeningen (Association for Norwegian families with adopted children from China).

Blaafarveværket is a beautiful place comprises museums, cobalt mines, glassworks, children’s farm with animals, and art exhibitions in the municipality of Modum, only one hour by car from Oslo. Since the traditional mid-autumn festival (moon-festival) is on Monday 12. September this year, we will take the chance and celebrate the festival in Blaafarveværket. It will surely be a nice time to have picnic together, taste the home-made moon-cake, watch the waterfall and enjoy the most colorful Norwegain autumn! For those CPN members who have paid member fees in 2011, CPN will also cover the cost to a guided tour in the Cobalt mines (Adult NOK 120 / Children 60).

All CPN members and families are warmly welcomed to join the gathering. But CPN will not be able to arrange any common transport for the gathering. The participants have to manager the transport themselves. Those members with cars are encouraged to drive and help to provide transportation to other members without car. Please inform us if you have free seats in your car to bring others.

What need to be prepared?

You need to bring food, drinks, and sitting carpet for the picnic. You can also buy food from the restaurants and Café there. For those who want to take tour in the Cobalt mines: warm clothes (about 6 C degree in the mines for 75 minutes), and good walking shoes!

How to go there: Please click the link below:

When and where to meet:

We start from Oslo about 10:30 and meet at Blaafarveværket main parking place (near the chidren’s farm with animals) no later then 12:00 o’clock.

To sign up the gathering, please register by click the link below:

To learn more about Blaafarveværket please click the link:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Xinli Wang (95129678) or Qianru Tao (90115538). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,

Xinli Wang and Qianru Tao