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CPN Donation status as of 23rd May

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 24 May 2008

Dear CPN members and friends,

By the end of Friday, 23rd May, CPN has received 107,578.00 NOK into the CPN donation account. This is a very good result and thank you all for support!

After the transaction to Red Cross China 69,340, we still have 38,238.00 left. Some our members including board members suggest that we should use the money in more effective ways, e.g. to give direct help to those victims from the earthquake and to combine the action 'poor children' CPN has discussed earlier.

CPN board has organized a three-people consisted operation committee for the poor children. Due to very much happened recently, we didn't announce this to our members. It takes long time for Red Cross and Chinese Embassy to allocate our help to the people needing the help. With the money CPN collected from individuals and organizations, we can build up a few schools in the regions.

Therefore, we would postpone our second transaction until we reach a new agreement. Thank you for your comments and suggestions on the issues: how to use the donation money and what actions to be taken further.

Best regards,

Xiuhua Zhang
For CPN Board