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Briefs of CPN annual conference

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 28 September 2008

Dear all,

We had a great gathering yesterday! Wish all of you had a good time. Some pictures are available already at cpn website Thanks Haimaio for taking pictures and Pingju for making it so quickly on the web!

The discussion was going well and we reached some decisions. The revised CPN constitution will be given soon together with an online investigation on mailing list solutions. A new CPN board was selcted and they will serve CPN members for two-year term. They will have the first board meeting soon and then the responbility will be assigned to each new board member. You will be kept for more infomation about the issues discussed.

The new board members are:

  • BAO, Haimiao
  • CAI, Dasheng
  • CAI, Xing
  • LIN, Yong
  • MAI, Tianyu
  • SU, Ji
  • YU, Jing
  • WANG, Xinli
  • ZHANG, Xiuhua

This year is CPN's five year anniversary. From 45 members in the year 2003 (18th, Oct.) to over 300 members today, CPN is expanding dramatically. We as a family is getting biggger and bigger. At meeting, we all were deeply touched by SUN Li's cake for CPN five-year birthday and sang together Happy birthday to CPN. Thank you SUN Li for your great gift to CPN!

On behalf the president of the past CPN board, I thank all members for your support and all board members for your hard work, and hope we could make this platform more useful to all of our members under the leadership of the new CPN board.

Sepcial thanks I would give to the following people:

  • Dr. GAN Lin for the location and Dr. Li Zuoan for them being door keepers,
  • Dr. Lurenyang, ms. LI lin and Sheng Zhonghua for organizing the new borad election,
  • Ms. Yang Haiyan for being toast master,
  • Ms JU jing and cooking team for making the new type of CPN moon cakes,
  • Ms. Sheng Zhonhua for making great food,
  • CPN choir for bringing the festival feelings by the beautiful songs,
    Food distributors and those who cleaned up the location,

1st October is at the corner. Enjoy our national day!

Zhang Xiuhua