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Brief of CPN annual meeting 2011

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 08 November 2011

After the annual meeting 2011, CPN board held the first meeting me on Sunday 6. November 2011 at Bao Hiamiao’s home (see the attached picture. Tao Qianru was not available due to traveling). Following issues were discussed:

1. New CPN board member

Ruan Gusong withdrew from CPN board because of personal reasons. Since CPN election will be in 2012, a previous board member, Professor Cai Xing is asked to come back to the CPN board.

2. The main assignments of the new CPN board are:

President: Wang Xinli

Vice president: Zhang Xiuhua and Cai Xing

General secretary: Bao Haimiao

Director for Public Relationship: Mai Tianyu

Director for business affairs: Su Ji

Director for academic affairs: Tao Xiaogang and Lin Yong

Cultural and sports: Wang Wanshan and Wang Yunyong

Director for Communication and Media: Shao Renjie and Tao Qianru

In addition:

CPN Accountant: Zhang Huafeng

CPN Webmaster: Li Pingju

3. Membership management:

· remove the family-member type and keep only individual membership for each member. The spouse of a CPN member needs to register as a individual member now.

· the children of CPN member can become the member of CPN JuniorClub (need registration), and will be able to utilize all benefits offered by Junior Club

· membership fee will keep to be the same as before: normal member 150 kr, student member 100 kr. Member fee need to be paid at the beginning of each year. CPN will enhance the administration of the membership fee and create automatic reminding mails sending to those who forget to pay the member fee.

· Paid members will be able to use CPN facilities (e.g., send mail to CPN mailing list, get birthday greetings from CPN), and enjoy FREE participation to most of CPN activities

4. Coming events:

· CPN Photo Competition: dead line – 20. Nov. 2011

One First prize: about 3000 NOK

Two Second prize: about 2000 NOK (each person)

Three Third Prize: about 1000 NOK (each person)

· Seminar about teenager immigrants on 15. Nov. 2011

· Free table tennis training (announcement comes later)

· Christmas party for kids (possible on 17. Dec. or 18 Dec. 2011)

· CPN Ski trip (a weekend day in later December 2011)

· Chinese New Year Party on Saturday 14. January 2012

· A “get together” party for those single and young (physically or just in heart) members?

4. Improve CPN website with more interesting contents

We welcome all constructive suggestions and hope you will continue to support CPN and CPN board.