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2009: Updated ERAS Festival details

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 12 June 2009

Dear all,

Please see the attached updating for ERAS Festival Program Details. Tomorrow our Chinese group will go in front of the parade as the FIRST country, just after the police horses, music corps, and the international children-parade!! There will also be good weather tomorrow! It will be a fantastic day for all of us!!
See you tomorrow!

Xinli Wang
/CPN board


It is not the World Festival ;-) ERAS is one of the platforms for immigrants in Norway and is focused (and followed) by "Enhet for Mangfold og Integrering , Oslo Kommune (EMI)". Norwegians do not think people from Sweden, Denmark, Gernany, and other western countries as immigrants, unfortunately. But the organizations from these countries cannot get any economic support from Olso Kommune either. Since CPN gets economic support from EMI, we will also support EMI's activities. Besides, this festival is actually for ourselv. I cann't see any problems to promote Chinese culture and CPN in this way.

Actually, organizations from Poland, Pakistan are within ERAS group, and some others. There are many activities and festivals arranged by others in Oslo, but we are not invited. We just take the chance we get now :-) Peoples from the other immigrant groups may show up as visitors to our show! Therefor we must do it well :-)

Xinli Wang