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CCI Seminar Report: Norwegian Pension System

By admin - Posted on 16 November 2017

Pictures and presentation are attached below.

The second CCI seminar was held on 13th November 2017 at Litteraturhuset. The topic of ‘Norwegian Pension System’ had gained great interests from different immigrant groups. It was a full house in the seminar with more than 80 attendees, who presented over 20 different nationalities.

The composition of pension in Norway is like a puzzle to many people. The regulations and consistence of the pensions are different between companies and institutions in the governmental, private, and other sectors. The presentation given by senior lawyer Tron Dalheim was mainly focused on the pension for the private sector. For the public sector, he mentioned also only for some special conditions.

In summary, the following topics were mostly touched in the seminar:

  • National Insurance– the foundation pillar– account system with the Norwegian Treasury as debtor
  • Early Retirement Pension (no. «AFP») – the collective bargaining pillar – partially funded private scheme
  • Occupational pension– the general pillar – defined benefit scheme, defined contribution scheme and hybrid
  • Additional pension from employer (collective annuities) – the top pillar
  • EPES/IPA/IPS/individual annuities – the individual pillar

Tron pointed out that people had to pay more attention to the pension and AFP issues when changing jobs. It might lead to a loss of money at the pension age.

The second speaker, Sigurd Bjune, talked more about Individual Pension Saving (IPS), as some participants were especially requiring this topic in the registration form. He recommended a website from Forbrukerrådet for more information about private pension savings and the comparison of bank services, insurances and savings. You can find this website here:

The seminar was warmly welcomed by the attendees. Questions were raised during the whole presentation and it continued after the seminar, too.

An evaluation form was used to collect feedbacks of satisfaction with this seminar and future topics for CCI's seminar or workshop. Over 95% of the audiences are quite satisfied with the presentations and speakers. Almost all of them wish a follow-up and more advanced workshop on the same topic.

The presentations from Tron Dalheim and Sigurd Bjune can be found here: PDF File, 1,332,264 bytes

The photos of the seminar taken by Su Ji, Wang Yun, Zhang Xiuhua and Wang Xinli can be found below: