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Sopptur 2012

By Yunyong.Wang - Posted on 31 August 2012

Dear friends,

Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN, is planning for a mush room trip on Sunday 9. September 2012. The activity is specially arranged for new immigrants and comers, who recently came to Norway for the work.

Date: Sunday 9, Sep, 2012
Time: We will meet at Sognsvann T-bane station 13:00. 13:00 – 15:30 nature adventure (in group) to pick up mushrooms or walk around Sognsvann.

Please note mushroom control from 15:00 – 17:00 by the experts from The Mushroom Association.

Two common types of edible mushroom are traktkantarell and kantarel.

Please have a look at the pictures in attached files.

More information linked:

CPN will NOT prepare any drink or food for the participants, so please bring your own stuff as necessary.

Things you need for mushroom picking:
1. Something to seat at the ground or grass field.
2. A basket with a few small plastic boxes to separate different type of mushroom
3. A small kitchen knife to cut the mushroom at the root and a small brush to clean it.
4. Proper shoes, gloves and outdoor clothes depending on the weather condition.
5. In case of bad weather, we will send out notice in advance to cancel the activity.

Please notice that you are responsible for your own safety, especially for those mushrooms that are dangerous to eat. You must get the experts’ control all mushrooms before you eat them. In any circumstances, CPN will NOT be responsible for consequences.

No Registration is required.

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Chinese Professionals in Norway