You are hereThe 4th. CCI's seminar of 2014 about "anti-bullying" held successfully

The 4th. CCI's seminar of 2014 about "anti-bullying" held successfully

By Yong.Lin - Posted on 12 December 2014

CPN Seminar

On Dec 1st, CPN arranged the 4th. IMDi seminar of the year with the theme of immigrant kids growing up in Norway. We were pleased to have Mr. Knut Rinden from Barnevakten as the speaker of this seminar. He talked about “anti-bullying”, called “mot-mobbing” in Norwegian, which is a heated topic in Norwegian society.

As an expert on “anti-bullying”, Mr. Rinden gave a clear definition of “bullying”. By showing several vivid video clips, he addressed “bullying” in general and put some focus on bullying on social media. Although there is no standard solution for solving "bullying"-problems, Mr. Rinden placed emphasis on that “bullying” can be found and solved if (1) there is a good communication between parents and children. Parents can then often sense the possible "bullying" of their child(ren) at an early stage. And the child(ren) will be more likely to confide in their parents if they are being bullied; (2) we stop bullying when the problem just starts; (3) there is a good collaboration between parents and teachers.

There were about 25 attendees at this seminar. Mr. Rinden’s interactive presentation was well received by the audience. CPN have received much good feedback from attendees.