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Donation action Status

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 16 May 2008

Dear CPN members and friends,

I would inform you that we have received near 60,000.00 NOK by the end of Thursday 15 May in the last two days. We will do the first transfer at the end of Friday 16 May as planned. In addition, this donation is open to all Chinese and Norwegian people. This change is made on the basis of requests from non-members and some friends, who want to make their contributions. This announcement is available on CPN web site Association of Medicine Science has joined our action. Other Chinese associations are collecting money also from their own members.

Many have made good suggestions for further action development. CPN has contacted Red Cross Norway for cooperation. Xinli Wang has sent out the contact results in an email dated on this afternoon.

Regarding to the money collection on streets, we have to have apply for permission from police station. It takes time. However, we still can do the followings:

1. Collect money from your office as did by Ziping Huang, from public place as will be done by Elise Chen etc. The other example is that our member Sun Hao sent email to all her colleagues and the local media contacted her for interview. Song Shijun is in contact with TVNorge.

2. Contact media including local new papers for information distribution. Some our members have done such and some is in contact. The media is more interested in those who come from the regions or have family and relatives there. It seems that we have very few from Sichuan.

3. Small scale cash collection on streets is allowed, particularly if pupils do it. Jani, a 7-year-old girl, daughter of our members called me and told she would give her donation for 500kr. The money is from her own work. She drew mother pictures and sold them together with small thinks. I’m touched by what she did. Similar actions can be taken by family with school children. Good experiences for our kids also.

4. To make easy for us to collect more money, one post both in English and Norwegian is attached for your use. You can print it out and distribute it in your neighborhood, parking places, supermarkets, or just streets.

5. There will be more ways to come for money collection.

We would like to tell our people in China that we overseas are concerned and will do our best to support them. To make this voice, Chinese media like Xinhuanet and People’s daily oversea edition will be used to report our feelings. The poet wrote by Ziping and the story of our little girl are very good examples. They are asked to write about it.

I would like to mention that you could ask the article journalist wrote from the interview before it’s published, in order to make sure that his/her interpretation and quotation are correct.

The aim is to get more people including Norwegians to donate. I’m sure you will get more respect when you show your sympathy to the tragedy and help your own people.

In this special period, we need to share information and will continue our communications via email and web. Let’s know your actions and suggestion.

Many have offered their supports and services. Thank you very much for your support!

Xiuhua Zhang
For CPN Board

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