The first summit about the innovation and entrepreneur is organized by CPN under the umbrella of the Innovation week Oslo, a program under the city government and Innovation Norway. The project team has invited speakers from China and Europe. As a CPN activity, we encourage our members to join the summit with a price lower than the normal one. We offer our members ''Startup'' price, please use your cpn-ID, such as CPN-127 to register you for the company name.

You are welcome to join the event and to spread information to those who might be interested in.

- Date: Sept. 24, 2019
- Time: Session 1 Fintech 8:00 - 12:00; Session 2: Industrial Digital Innovation: 12:30 - 18:00
- Venue: MESH (MAP)

Visit the following pages to get more information of the event and order your seat with your CPN member ID.

(亲爱的CPN会员和朋友,第一届北欧-中国高科技峰会由CPN主办,将于9月24日再Oslo的MESH举行。我们的会员参加活动,以最低价优惠,也就是Startup票价,半天299,全天499克朗。欢迎大家积极参加峰会,并帮助转发消息!CPN网站FacebookLinkedin的Chinese Professionals in Norway的页面上,有很多信息发布,请帮助转发让更多的朋友分享参加!另外以下链接都可以浏览峰会内容#CPN#NCTS#OaIW2019#NCSF……谢谢大家的支持,为我们的团队加油💪)

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Looking forward to meeting you!

Xiuhua Zhang Ph.D






Welcome to the first Nordic-China Tech. Summit during Oslo Innovation Week: A full-day event gathers business leaders from China and Nordic focusing on fintech and industrial digital innovation across multiple industries.


Join us on this one-day event, in which we will dive into where future technology will take us next.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Date:  Sept. 24th,  0900 – 1700

Venue:  Mesh



What's happening?

During the Fintech Session discussions, speakers will cover everything from whether or not companies are taking security seriously to corporate responsibility, and what's next for the mobile payment movement.

At Digital Innovation Session, we'll explore what's happening on the frontline of autonomous technology and machine learning and what opportunities digital transformation is creating for innovation across all industries.


We will end the full day program with startup pitch contest and a Nordic-China VC panel discussion on how they make their investment decisions.







Barbara Stelzner

- Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication



Ole Th. Aleksander Mortensen

- Head of TCS Digital & Communication



Pia Meling

- Vice President, Sales and marketing



Anders Lier

- Executive Chairman & Co-founder 



Kristoffer Lundegren

- Managing Partner

Nordic Apiary


Wasim Rashid



Jim Jin

- BD Europe, Alipay


Alexander Yin

- CFO, TCG Group









--- Nordic China Tech Summit Team, 2019










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