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Program of CPN Annual Conference 2008

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 19 September 2008

Venue: Research Park/Forskningspark, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo
Time: Saturday 27th September, 2008

Part I: CPN Annual Conference (2008)
(16-17.00 pm)

Chair: CAI Xing, Secretary General

1. Welcome
2. Introduction to new CPN board candidates, YANG Luren, Chair of the election committee
3. CPN annual report: Accounting, XU Fei, CPN accountant
4. CPN annual report: Activities, ZHANG Xiuhua, President
5. Constitution revision
6. Discussions
7. Awards to winners of CPN photo competition 2008, WANG Xinli, Director for public relationships
8. Announcement of the new CPN board, YANG Luren, Chair of the election committee
9. Others

Part II: Celebration of Moon festival and national day
(From 17.30 pm)

Toaster master: Ms. YANG Haiyan

1. Eating, CPN made moon cake, simple food, soft drinks, fruits and salad…
2. Gaming and plating – CPN OL 2008
3. Performance, CPN choir, solo singing and piano playing, …