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Report of Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation -2016

By admin - Posted on 03 October 2016

The 3rd workshop—Entrepreneurship and Innovation took place on 25th September, 2016 at Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo. The aim of the serial workshops since 2015 is to help all immigrants getting inspiration of how to establish and develop a company as an entrepreneur. More than 70 attendees from 14 countries joined the seminar.

Dr. Xiuhua Zhang, President of CPN, opened up the workshop with good feedback from the earlier two workshops from 2015. Dr. Xing Cai, Vice president of CPN gave a brief introduction to Competence Center for Immigrants(CCI) and Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) as well as CCI's background and its coming activities for 2016.

Mr. Truls Berg, CEO & Founding Partner, Digital Insight made a very inspired speech by ”3IN for an entrepreneur—Inspiration, Innovation, Insight”. He has more than 25 years' experience of founding several companies and a founder and previous Secretary General of Innovation Forum Norway which is a leading forum for Innovation Professional with more than 600 members. He is also a co-author for a numbers of published books. All audiences were impressed by his interesting ideas and insights about the future development of the society driven by information technology and innovation.

Senior adviser at the Equality and anti-discrimination, Mr. Claus Jervell, His speech was about ”The working Environment Act and understanding the Norwegian work place”. He introduced very important information to audiences: Regulation of workplace, Legislation, Duty and Right, written contract, termination of employment relationship for both employee and employer, Fair and unfair etc. By his speech audiences got a strong more understating about Norwegian working environments.

Mrs.Fang Brune, Founder and Brand owner of L`evolution. She gave a speech of “Norwegian business culture”. As a Chinese who is living and doing successful business in Norway, Mrs. Fang Brune has 20 years extensive experience. She established her own company and developed its own brand of “ L`evolution” as well as her own factory to manufacture her own brand products. During her speech, she picked some of her stories to talk about how and what to do a successful business in Norway as a foreigner, what Norwegian business culture is. She made an announcement that she will give 10,000NOK as award to the best business idea, see separated announcement at Working in Norway web site.

Dr. Henning Hai Lee Yang, CEO Magic Circle talked about “Doing business as a foreigner-How I made my first Barrel of gold”. He was the first generation of Chinese to Norway. More than 93 books have been published, 15 of them are translated in different languages and sold in other countries. He is also the Chief Editor of Magic. He told his successful story of doing business in Norway and abroad as a Chinese. His story indicates that business can be found in any area and a mentor as his father did to him is important during the business development in addition to the competence.

CFO at Bright Product As, Mr. Johan Gærum, shared his company's experiences in ”Doing Business for Foreigners”. He brought the company's products and demonstrated how it worked. Audiences are attracted by the products, simple and easy for the users who live in poor conditions without access to the electricity grid. His focus functional experience are business strategy development, problem-solving, regulatory affairs, energy policy formulation and climate change impact analysis.

Dr. Xiuhua Zhang ended the seminar by her “Summary-Actions ahead” by focusing on actions to be taken to become an entrepreneur.

During the seminar, the audiences asked many interesting questions actively and they continued to ask questions to the speakers during the break and meal time by interactive communications afterwords.

After the seminar, Chinese moon cake was served and a social dinner was given for the more communication among attendees…..The second workshop for guiding will be held on 30 October. The program will be published shortly, please follow up the information at Photos from Workshop available here: Li Ly reported, 29 sept. 2016

Presentations of Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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