The city of Wuhan in China is currently fighting an outbreak of the corona virus. Many hospitals in the megacity are running dangerously low of the medical protection gear, particularly, masks (N95 respirators), eye protectors, and whole-body protection suits. The supply of such protection gear in China at the moment can unfortunately not catch up. The organization of Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) therefore encourages monetary donation so that the urgently needed medical protection gear can be purchased outside of China and transported to the virus-battered city of Wuhan.

People wanting to help can transfer money (mark it as "Wuhan donation") to the following bank account of CPN: 0539.79.10492, which is designated for this purpose. CPN will ensure full openness of the donation and its usage. Thank you very much for your care and support 🌹🌹🌹 !

各位CPN会员和朋友:CPN理事会号召大家一起为战胜武汉疫情捐款助力。除CPN会员以外,参加这次募捐的还有多个华人社团、群体以及个人(武汉护城群,挪威中文学校,佛光会,妇女会等)。募捐所得款项用于在挪威采购防护服,眼镜,口罩等国内急需的医院防护用品。采购运输工作和受捐方的对接由郑芳王群带领的武汉护城志愿服务工作组负责运作追踪。如您有意参加捐助活动,请转账至CPN特定账号:0539 79 10492(注:此账号非会员缴费账号)。届时,CPN理事会会公示捐款明细,及捐款使用情况。捐赠工作结束后将向所有捐赠者提供捐助报告并公布在网上。我们的目标是为抗疫的持久战尽微博之力,感谢大家!

推荐大家尽可能通过银行转账,便于管理。VIPPS大家可以使用:41393020,请注明 Wuhan

Board of Chinese Professionals in Norway

Organization number: 986100016

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