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CPN donation status (due 19 May)

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 20 May 2008

Dear members and friends,

CPN board members have discussed our donation actions at weekend and would make the following suggestions:

1) Donate 8000 kr on behalf of all CPN members. This money is the bugdet for two picnics we usually have in summer (June and August). We will still organize picnics, but the the drinks and food have to be brought by the participants.

2) Report the status of our donation actions to relevant media including Chinese ones. Dr. Luren Yang, the board member, will collect information about the actions undertaken by our members in different ways which include donation activities at your organizations. You can use both CPN mailing and Dr. Yang's at Some information is essential to share, such as name of organization, how to collect and how much collected, where the money goes as well.

3) Appoint Mr. SU Ji, and Ms. YANG Haiyan as CPN spokesman and spokeswoman.

4) Formulate a thanks letter in Norwegian for those who collect money from their organizations. It's important we operate it well and follow up from the beginning to the end. We appreciate very much for the support from Norwegians and other foreign friends.

5) Until yesterday (19th May), we have received about 90,000 kr (excluding 8000kr from CPN, see point 1.) from the CPN donation account. The collected money from the organizations are not taken into account. We will make the statistics often since the action is still ongoing.

6) The total amount of the donation due the first deadline is sent out to you. We know some names are not reflected because they made the contributions in other places, or as a family or for others. Participation is the most important issue, no matter which way you use.

7) Student association in Oslo will organize an action to collect money in Karl Johan area. They didn't get boxes from Red Cross of Norway either, but they informed the police for such action at a small scale. Therefore, CPN will not join their action.

Thank you all for the support and contribution!

Xiuhua Zhang
For CPN Board