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Report after the CPN annual meeting 2014

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 11 November 2014

CPN had a quite successful annual meeting after an interesting IMDi-project seminar on Saturday 25th October 2014.

At the seminar, senior advisor Mr. Claus Jervell talked about the working conditions in Norway: what rights an employee has and where to find helps to ensure these rights. Mr. Jervell’s presentation was full of useful information and hits. All participants were so engaged that the questions and discussions took more time than originally planned. We got very good feedback for this seminar afterwards.

This year’s annual meeting was started with an excellent performance from the CPN choir. The work of CPN board was reviewed. From the last annual meeting until now, CPN board had several board meetings and arranged a lot of activities:

  • A great CPN 10-years anniversary celebration with invited speakers and shows from professional Chinese artists. The participants including CPN members, Chinese Ambassador in Norway, and other representatives from Norwegian government and industries
  • Chinese new year party with talented performers and delicious food (over 170 participants)
  • CPN summer barbecue party attracting over 100 participants including many kids families.
  • Two-day’s ERAS festival 2014 successful arranged in front of Oslo city-hall. CPN contributed with parade and choir performance.
  • A successful seminar about ‘Norwegian Models for Solving Conflicts based on Law of Working Environment’, and ‘Seeking Jobs via NAV’ (over 70 participants from 23 countries)
  • An educational and interesting visit to 3 bio-plants in Hadeland (IMDi activity with 53 participants from 14 nationalities )
  • CPN autumn-trip to Halden and Sweden (over 100 participants)
  • A useful and important seminar about the Norwegian Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven) and labor unions
  • Photo competition 2014 ‘Oslo – en by for alle’. CPN photo-group arranged several activities.
  • CPN annual meeting 2014 and board election
  • Joined activity with Chinese student association CSSAO:大型交友活动 缘聚•奥斯陆
  • CPN choir had regular training. The choir gave successful performance at ERAS festival and Oslo Cultural Night events
  • Weekly table tennis training.

Especially, the joined activity: 大型交友活动 缘聚•奥斯陆 on last Saturday was a big success! There were over 130 participants and more people waited in queue outside due to the limitation of the location. This activity was initiated and organized totally and solely by our young CPN members and students. From video and media advertisements, sponsor negotiation, to program preparation, technique implementation, and party control, everything was well organized. And it actually got one boy and one girl to be a potential pair at the party! These two went out hand-by-hand together! This activity is a good example to show how talented our members are and how well they can do! CPN will continue to encourage and support similar activities initiated by our members.

This year, CPN has also made itself more visible in the Norwegian society and obtained good funding from the Norwegian governmental authorities:

  • Financial support for CPN project from IMDi (for the fifth year)
  • Grunnstøtte for organizations from Oslo Kommune (second year)
  • Photo competition project from EMI (for the third time)
  • Active involvement and participation in the ERAS Festival, Oslo Cultural Night
  • CPN’s participation was asked from governmental authorities
    • Input to the gift-book for new immigrants
    • As a reference organization for the evaluation of EMI’s work
    • Invitation to the first national dialog-conference in Norway

CPN as an organization has developed quickly. It has got 260 new members since 2012, including 59 new members so far this year.

The revision of CPN constitution was approved by the annual meeting. The main change is at Chapter 3.4 ‘Composition of CPN Board’. The number of CPN board members are reduced from 12 to 9 persons. The focus areas and work assignments of each board member will be discussed and decided at the first board meeting after the election.

One of the important tasks for this year’s annual meeting was board election. There were 5 board members resigned at this time. Their names are Lin Yong, Wang Yunyong, Erik Leung, Tao Xiaogang, and Lin Wenjing. All of them have done a great work for CPN with their spare-time. CPN will always thank them for their hard work and generous contributions. The new board members were elected during the annual meeting. They are:

Cai Xing
Mai Tianyu
Shao Renjie
Su Ji
Wang Wanshan
Wang Xinli
Wang Yun
Zhang Xiuhua
Zhao Bing

The new board will hold the first board meeting on Sunday 23rd November 2014. This board meeting will elect the new president and decide CPN’s work focus for the next year. All topics discussed in the annual meeting will be finalized and published afterwards. The new CPN board will start to lead CPN after the first board meeting.

Because of personal work-load, I will not consider myself to be the candidate for CPN president in the next term. But I will continue to serve as a board member and do my best for CPN. I have informed the new CPN board about my decision. I would like to take this chance and thank you all for your great supports and helps to me in the last years! Thanks also to all old CPN board members! I am so lucky to get know many competent and decent people within CPN. I have learnt a lot. It will be a valuable experience in my life. We have still one IMDi project seminar left to be organized this year. I will continue to lead CPN’s work until the new president is elected. Thanks!

Best regards,

Xinli Wang