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Online vote for CPN's photo competition

By xing.cai - Posted on 16 September 2009

Dear CPN members,

Submission to this year's CPN photo competition was closed yesterday. In total, 128 photos were submitted. A heartfelt thank to all the participants!

Now, CPN's web master has put up a web page for online vote:

So you're all welcome to cast your vote for up to six favorite photos.
(The detailed voting rule and login info can be found on the web page.)

Please note that the deadline for casting your vote is Thursday October 1st, at 23:59. The final winners of the photo competition will be announced and rewarded at CPN's annual meeting, to be held on Saturday October 3rd. (Information about the annual meeting's location and registration will be sent to you in a separate email shortly.)

Please enjoy the great photos and cast your vote online!

Best regards,

Cai Xing
(on behalf of CPN board)

More about online vote for CPN's photo competition

Dear all,

This email only concerns those who have trouble logging into the online voting web page for this year's CPN photo competition. So please read no further if you have already used the online voting page with success.

The webmaster has now added a new button "Get login information", which is meant to help resolving the login difficulty issue. By clicking this button on
you'll be directed to a new page that allows you to input your email address and check whether it is in CPN's database of recognized email addresses.

If the above check still does not resolve your login difficulty, please contact our webmaster (webmaster @ directly.

Best regards,

Cai Xing
(on behalf of CPN board)