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CPN Annual conference 2008 and moon festival celebration

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 31 August 2008

Dear CPN members,

It’s the time again to have the CPN annual meeting together with the celebration of moon festival and national day.

CPN board has made the date fro this big event among CPN activities. We will hold the meeting in the research park on Saturday 27th September. There will be two parts of the event: CPN annual meeting between 16-17 pm and the celebration from 17.30 pm. 20 krone is required for each participant to join the event.

This year we will elect a new CPN board according to CPN constitution. The board shall consist of 9 members and we need at least 12-13 candidates for election. Any member is welcome to register or recommend some one else as the candidates. The election will take place both online and at the meeting.

You can register you for board candidate to Dr. Yang, Luren at and for coming to the event to Dr. Lin, Yong at (please replace '_AT_' with '@') or by Online Registration

More information about the event will be given soon.

Xiuhua Zhang

For CPN board