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Ski Day 2011

By baohaimiao - Posted on 22 December 2011

As the last social event of this year, CPN is going to arrange a typical Norwegian winter activity -- Ski day at Tryvann Winter Park ( on Friday, 30th December 2011. This event is a part of CPN project “Kompetansesenter for innvandrere” supported by IMDi (The Directorate of Integration and Diversity). This event is open to all immigrant groups in Norway, including CPN.

We will arrange both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing activities. CPN will have someone to take care of each activity group and teach the new beginners for downhill or cross-country ski.

Alpine ski Fees:
New comers to Norway and CPN members who have paid the fees for 2011/12 are free of charge, others will need to pay a fee of kr300. (normal day lift card: adult 370 kr, child 300 kr).

Cross-country ski:
CPN will give compensation of 100 NOK for each CPN member (for transport, food/drink etc.)

We will gather at Tryvann Alpine senter (in front of ticket office) on Friday 30/12, about 09:45 - 10:00 (both for alpine and cross-country ski groups). Lift tickets and compensation for cross-country group will be delivered there.

To join the activity you must register yourself at CPN project website:
The deadline for registration is on Wednesday 28. Dec. 2010.

Please note: if we don't have good snow before 30/12, we will postpone the activity but registration is required BEFORE 28/12! So please check your email before the activity.

Please notice that CPN will NOT take any responsibility for each participant's safety. And CPN will not be responsible for ski-equipment. You have to bring your own equipments or hire at the Ski Center. Registration will be closed t 24:00 o'clock on Wednesday 28th December 2011. Since we will order the tickets in beforehand, please do register yourself before the deadline. If you can help us as an instructor for the new beginner, please let us know. CPN will give some compensation to the instructor. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please contact Bao Haimiao by email.

Enjoy the Norwegian winter and pre-New Year fun!