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CPN project application and results

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 04 May 2010

Dear all CPN members,

On behalf of CPN Board , I would express our appreciation for your support for so many years, which has made great development of CPN, and wish you can continue to support CPN. There is good news to announce also that CPN has got financial support from Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi) for a project. More about the project and CPN activities will come soon.

From EMI (Oslo Kommunen), CPN has submitted two applications, one for the organization support and one for CPN activities in 2010. As enclosed letter, you will find the requirements for the membership payment from Oslo Kommunen in 2010. As emphased in the letter, they only take the bank paymnet into account when making a decision for the organizational support. There are two documents required. One is the member list for those who have paid membership fee together with the following items: birthday, address, and payment. The head number is the most important factors to get this kind of support. The onther one is the total ammunt of membership fee paid by members based on the bank statements, which should be approved by an authorited auditor. CPN should pay for the auditor service.

Due to the problems we got from membership payment, we had to withdraw our application after we tried very hard, such as asking the auditor help and our members signatures. The major problems include, the membership payment has no name, or no mark for the membership, family members are not shown correctly. One more reason was that we missed some bank statements and lacked of a number of our members addresses and birthdays, although we had asked Langfang Wen's help and one more to supplement more information. The auditor conclusion is that it's impossible to confirm who has paid membership fee and how much. We felt very sorry for the withdrawn, but no option at all.

To assure a new application in 2010, CPN board has discussed the issue and reached the following decisions:
1. Make a dedicated bank account for membership fee, OBS! the new number is Post bank 0539.5799691.
2. Ask members to pay the membership fee by using a message kind of payment and list all names if you pay for more than yourself. Your name must be given, and then the year. Address is an option. CPN membership fee should be paid yearly and collected by a calender year. Membership fee is 150NOK for individual membership, 75 NOK for student membership and 300 NOK for family membership. Either English or Norwegain is ok in writting a message. It can be just simple like 'Xiuhua Zhang, membership fee 2010'.
3. Appoint one CPN board member and one assistance for member registration and membership management.

4. CPN will make a difference between paid and unpaid members in the future activities if it's charged. Unfortunately, not all of CPN members pay the membership each year.

We are still waiting for the decision for the third application. You will be informed when it comes to us. By this email, I reminder those, who have not paid membership fee yet fro this year, please use the new accunt number and do it soon. Your payment will be counted for the next year application as mentioned earlier. Any good suggestions, please contact me. Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

Xiuhua Zhang

President CPN