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Fee for party and membership 2008

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 30 September 2008

Dear all,

Some have asked about the payment to the party we had last Saturday. There were more than 200 participants coming, which is more than the registered number. There was a period after the conference began, no board members collected the payment from those who came very later. Therefore, they were unable to pay the fee in place. However, you can transfer the money directly to CPN account Post bank nr. 0539.20.86295.

Until now, a lot of current CPN members have not paid the membership fee yet for the year 2008. Please transfer your money to the CPN account: Post bank nr. 0539.20.86295. The fee is still 100 NOK for an individual membership, 200 NOK for a family membership and 50 NOK for a student membership. You must write down your name and the year for the membership. We need such information for registration.

The change for the membership passed at the conference will be informed later together with other issues . Thank you for your contribution and cooperation!

Xiuhua Zhang

For CPN Board