Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) takes immense pleasure in inviting you to attend the entrepreneurship seminar on 24 September 2019 at Mesh in Oslo. The seminar will begin at 18:30.

The Norwegian government has been supportive of encouraging both natives and immigrants to start on their own. The entrepreneurship seminar will attempt to address the following questions:

· What resources can an entrepreneur, especially one with a minority background, draw when doing business in Norway?

· As a nascent entrepreneur, what can one learn from other's failure stories to increase the odds of success?


Truls Berg is a former Norwegian IT entrepreneur. He is an editor, author and lecturer. He holds several board positions and is a regular writer at Computerworld.

Shiwen Eivindsen is co-founder of Elife AS – an electric bike factory. Originally from China, Shiwen established Elife AS together with her husband in 2015.

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