You are hereAnnouncement of CPN on donation for people in Yushu earthquake

Announcement of CPN on donation for people in Yushu earthquake

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 22 April 2010


青海玉树地区2010年4月14日7点49分发生的里氏7.1级强烈地震,至4月19日,已有2187人死亡,300人踪,12000多人受伤。海外华人心,同系灾区情。我们经历了四川地震,空间与时间的距离隔不断我们与灾区的心心相系。中国旅挪学者联合会(Chinese Professinoals in Norway,CPN)倡议会员及家属为灾区捐款表达我们对灾区人民爱心和支持, 也欢迎大家发动你的同事朋友更多人的参与。


1. 个人可将 捐款直接交给中国驻挪威使馆领事部。
2. 将捐款直接汇到CPN捐款专用帐号 postbank: 0539.5799748




Announcement of CPN on donation for people in Yushu earthquake

Yushu Area in Qinghai Province experienced a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 at 7:49 of April 14, 2010. Till April 19, 2187 persons were killed, 300 persons are missing, 12,000 persons were injured in the earthquake. We overseas Chinese are standing together with the people in the earthquake area. The distance and time cannot separate us from them. Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) starts a donation campaign for its members and their families to contribute the people in the earthquake area, to express our love, concern and support to them. We also welcome more people like your colleagues and friends to join us.

Donation channels:
1. Donations can be sent directly to the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy by address Holmenveien 5, 0374 Oslo.
2. Bank transfer directly to CPN dedicated donation account at Postbank: 0539.5799748

Please clearly specify your name and amount of donation with the bank transfer. We will summarize the donor's name, contributions and make a report within April 28, for the first round donation payment.

Xiuhua Zhang

CPN Board