Seminar about Project 'A new model to find a job'

Let’s remove the job-hunting obstacles

Time: 19-20.30pm, 25 November 2021
Place: ZOOM (information will be sent to you by email on registration )
Target Audience: Immigrants and those seeking for a job or a new position
Organizer: Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN)

The controverted situations take place in the job market. On the one hand, there are job seekers actively searching and sending out hundreds of job applications without success; on the other, there are employers struggling to fill their positions with qualified candidates.

Many don’t understand why they are not given the chances, even though the roles match their education and experience well. They feel lack of responses from employers, seldom get a chance for interview. Especially the job seekers with immigrant backgrounds feel more confused and frustrated with the situation. People want to see what happens behind the scenes and how to get closer to success.

This seminar will be addressed on problems described above. All attendees will be given experiences and analysis about trend development of job market after COVID-19 pandemic, no matter you are looking at a job or a new position.

The project entitled 'A new model to find a job' and funded by Oslo Commune, aims to develop a new way for job seekers in the job market via a link or active interactions with professional helps including employees in advance to increase the possibility and opportunity of getting a job as they are seeking for.

The seminar is financed by the Oslo Commune, free of charge and will be held in English, and registration is requested at (link). All registered attendees will get the Zoom link to join seminar.


18:45 -19:00 Registration to ZOOM meeting room and networking
19:00-19:15 Introduction to CPN and the Project 'A new model to find a job', Dr. Xiuhua Zhang, President Chinese Professionals in Norway
19:15-20:10 Keynote: Let’s remove the job-hunting obstacles, Emily Zhang
20:10-20:30 Q&A

Keynote speaker

Ms. Emily Zhang is a senior recruitment consultant in NES Advantage Solutions Group AS. She holds a master's degree in international marketing from INSEEC Paris as well as MBA degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She has over 20 years of experience as a professional HR, headhunter and career advisor for many international companies: e.g. Aker Solutions, Kværner, Aibel, Hübner and DNV etc.

Emily has been working as a headhunter and recruiter in Norway since 2011. She talks with hiring managers and candidates every day, building up bridges for both sides. Emily has experience with outplacement program as well. She has a lot of insights to share with you, help you to win this competition and get your dream job.

Welcome you to the seminar!(Register to Join)

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