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CPN donation status (May 16 evening)

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 20 May 2008

Dear all,

As of this evening 16th May, the total amount of earthquake donation that has been transferred to account 0539.5799748 is NOK 69438, please see the two attached PDF files for the detailed overview. The collected money has been transferred to the Red Cross China.

Due to some tecknical problems, we had to contact bank today when it's open after the weekend. We will send the copy of receipt once we get it. Please let us know if your money is missing or the amount is not correct from the list to Ms. Xu Fei at

Thank you a lot for your contributions!

We have worked out with a report to XinhuaNet as attached. More reports about the donation will be continued. We need some helper to write the report.

Please inform you to me at this email. You will kept in touch about our donation action.

Best regards,

Xiuhua Zhang
For CPN Board
Donation List 1
Donation List 2
report to XinhuaNet