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2011 summer barbecue festival at Sognsvan

By - Posted on 04 August 2011

Dear CPN friends,

Hope you all have had a nice summer! It is time now to meet old and new friends again after last gathering and enjoy the summer taste around Sognsvann. This year CPN is going to arrange our summer barbecue festival at Sognsvan (the big lawn near the beach volleyball place) together with CPN Junior Club. All CPN members and parents are warmly welcome to join the festival on Saturday 13. August 2011, from 15:00 - 18:00.

How to reach there?
Take the subway line 3 to the final stop Sognsvann, then follow the main road. When you arrive at the lake, turn left and walk about 5 minutes, you will arrive there. In the attachment you can find the map.

What you need to bring?
A carpet you can sit. And something to drink! Sepcial food you want yourself. We will prepare the barbecue stove for 4-8 person and general food. We will also try to set up the volleyball net for those who are interested.

How to register?
The registration page is located at

Looking forward to meet you all at Sognsvann!微笑

Renjie Shao

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