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CPN Annual meeting, 2nd October

By Xiuhua.Zhang - Posted on 23 September 2010

Dear all,

Based on the decision of CPN board, CPN annual conference will be held on Saturday 2nd October from 16.00 pm at the Research Park, the same place as we usually have party and meetings. The agenda and registration page will be given shortly regarding to moon festival and national day celebration as well.

This year, we need to have an election to vote for a new CPN board for another 2-year term. Therefore we need new board member candidates and wish some of our members are interested in offering yourself service to CPN and our members. About this, the election committee will make announcement separately.

We would make some changes for the event as follows:
1. The show called "CPN talents", for the celebration part will be done by our members according to your own preparation. We welcome our members, and family members and kids to join as you wish. You have the chance to give your performance at party. Please give your talents a chance and send email about it to Haimiao BAO to his email bobbao1971 @ within Tuesday 28th September.
2. We will prepare more gifts to participants for distributing there. You have more chance to win a prize and photography award. Currently, it's a secret!
3. Once again, we would remind you that CPN will apply for organization support for next year, we need your payment of membership fee for this year. If you haven't paid it yet, the payment could be transferred to Post bank, nr: 0539.5799691, together with your name and address, which are very important for the future auditor work. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Membership fee is 150NOK for individual membership, 75 NOK for student membership and 300 NOK for family membership. For those who joined CPN after September, you can pay half membership fee described above. Of course, we don't have limit for your more contrition than this minimum amount.

Please reserve the day for your participation!

Xiuhua Zhang
On behalf of CPN Board