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Summary of the workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation

By xing.cai - Posted on 27 October 2015

2015 CCI Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

As a highlight of this year's activities of the Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI), the workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation was held on October 25, 2015. In total, more than 80 people attended this full-day event, covering about 22 nationalities.

The opening address was delivered by the workshop's honorable guest speaker, the Ambassador of China, Zhao Jun, who presented China's recent measures on encouraging and supporting collective entrepreneurship and innovation. It was followed by a brief overview of CCI and its operating host: Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN), given by CPN's Vice President Xing Cai. The morning session was then devoted to two very informative presentations of funding mechanisms from Norway's public sector. More specifically, Jeanett Sandmo from Innovation Norway described several instruments and services for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, whereas Svein Hallbjoorn Steien from the Research Council of Norway informed the participants different programs dedicated to industrial R&D activities and projects.

The afternoon session consisted of four extremely inspiring presentations by four successful entrepreneurs and innovators. First, Kristian Aartun shared with the participants his numerous entrepreneur adventures. Then, Francis Stevens went on with an analysis of the current and future trend of opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups in Norway. Thereafter, Thomas Anglero used his life story to teach an emotional lesson about failure and success in entrepreneurship. Last but not least, Alfredo Biamon used the history of the Utrop newspaper, the first immigrant's newspaper as a case of realizing ideas on entrepreneurship and innovation. Those speakers come from different countries originally from Norway, Africa, The United States and Peru. It indicates that anyone can reach the success no matter which country you are from. The most important factor is where you want to go.

The closing address was delivered by CPN's President, Xiuhua Zhang, who also invited each participant to share her/his opinion on the workshop's topic and desirable topics for a follow-up event.

Unanimously, the participants found the workshop to be extremely informative and inspirational, while also looking forward to more guidance in the near future. For information about the next event, which is scheduled on Nov. 08, 2015, please check it out at

All presentation can be learnt and downloaded below, and pictures here.

Cai XingWelcome and Introduction to CCI and CPN
Jeanett SandmoEntrepreneurs, Norway Supports You!
Svein Hallbjørn SteienBenefitting from Public Funding
Kristian AartunFuture of Entrepreneurship Meeting Creative Mind
Fransic Stevens GeogerIdentifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Norway
Thomas F. AngleroFailure is Necessary, Success is Inevitable
Alfredo BiamonIdea to Reality
CPN Poster for Workshop II
Reported by Xing Cai (26, October 2015)