CPN Board members/functions

After the new CPN Board elected at the annunal meeting held on 18th October, the CPN Board has had two meetings, namely 22 October and 3rd November, to discuss the functions of nine Board members based on the CPN Constitution revised at the Annual Meeting.

Nine are assigned as follows:

- President Dr./Ms Zhang, Xiuhua
- Vice President for Program Manager Dr./Ms Meng, Qian
- Vice president for Communications & PR Dr./Ms Wang, Xinli
- Vice president for Member Management & Young Talents Dr./Mr. Zha, Yufeng
- Vice president for Culture Dr./Ms Zhao, Jingmei
- Vice president for Social Activities M.SC/Mr. Zhang, Benxin
- Vice president for Academic Affairs Dr./Mr. Gan, Qitao
- Vice president for Business Affairs Dr./Mr.Zhang, Weiqing
- Vice president for Innovation and Technology Dr./Mr. Yang, Kun

All CPN Board members are engaged very much in serving CPN's members and have planned new activities, which will meet our members' needs both as a professional organization and as a big family working and living in Norway. A more detailed plan will be given shortly and by activity announcement. Wish CPN members, no matter of age and subjects, can benefit from and enjoy the activities through your active participation!.

By taking the chance, we would thank you all for Your support in the past 17 years and look forwards meeting you in the activities!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a serious security problem in some European countries. We kindly reminder you take good care of you and your family and stay safe!

CPN Board

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