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Report of 2018 CPN Annual Conference

By admin - Posted on 17 October 2018

Today is the birthday of CPN! Happy birthday to CPN and all CPN members!!! The first CPN meeting was held on 18th October 2003.

Four days ago, 14th October 2018 CPN annual meeting was successfully held with Curling playing on Sunday 14th October 2014 at Jar Iceforum. CPN has passed her 15 years as an organization since established in 2003. The annual meeting was started with moon cake testing and ended with curling playing. Each participant left the meeting and play with satisfaction or inspired exciting by CPN's 15-year history and interesting curling play!

The meeting part was carried out as such:

  • Welcome, Dr. Cai Xing
  • CPN report (2003-18), Drs. Zhang Xiuhua, Wang Xinli, Wang Yun
  • Revision of CPN Constitution, Mr. Zhang Li
  • Suggestions for CPN’s Activities, Mr. Shao Renjie, Zeng Cheng
  • Election of CPN Board (2018-20), Drs. Yang Juan & Zha Yufeng
  • 2018 Photo Competition Award Mr. Su Ji.

All board members from the last CPN Board were given to present difference issues. The activities implemented by CPN were traced back to the beginning from the year 2003 until 2018, see the attached report (Link). CPN has passed through great 15 years and achieved a lot in many ways:

The yearly work done by CPN board was reviewed also as following:

  • Chinese new year celebration.
  • Project application to different public funding and project implementation
  • Social dancing for young/single members
  • CPN seminars/ through the whole year There are about 4-5 seminars and speakers are mostly from CPN own members and invited speakers.
  • CPN summer barbecue party attracting near 100 participants including many kids' families.
  • Two-day’s ERAS festival 2018 successfully arranged in front of Oslo city-hall. CPN contributed with parade and choir performance.
  • A useful and important seminar about the Norwegian Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven) and labor unions
  • Photo competition. CPN photo-group arranged several activities.
  • CPN annual meeting 2014 and board election
  • CPN choir had regular training. The choir gave successful performance at ERAS festival and Oslo Cultural Night events

The revision of CPN constitution was discussed before annual meeting focusing two issues: enterprise membership and working group for increasing cooperation with China via CPN. In the end, neither issues were provided as the revision at the annual meeting.

As done in 2017, CPN made a webpage to collect suggestions from its members around 8 questions see the link, which will be kept open always. Some answers were introduced and discussed. CPN board thanks all contributions from our members and will make the further decisions on what to be done in the future.

One of the important agenda for this year’s annual meeting was board election. Two board members, Su Ji and Li Li were resigned. On behalf of all CPN members, Xiuhua Zhang passed the thanks card and flowers to these two members and Election Committee, Dr. Yang Juan and Dr. Zha Yufeng, with flowers.

The new board members for term 2018-2020 were elected during the annual meeting. They are:

  • Dr. Cai Xing
  • Ms, Master Shi Yini
  • Mr. Master Shao Renjie
  • Dr. Yang Kun
  • Mr. Master Zhang Li
  • Dr. Wang Xinli
  • Dr. Wang Yun
  • Mr. Master Zeng Cheng
  • Dr. Zhang Xiuhua

The new board will hold the first board meeting 24th or 31st October. This board meeting will elect the new president and vice-presidents, and decide main CPN’s activities and working areas based on the suggestions from our members for the next year. All topics discussed in the annual meeting will be finalized and published afterwards. The new CPN board will start to lead CPN after the first board meeting.

CPN photo competition has been carried on since the year 2007 with or without topics. The winner for this year is Dr Wang, Yunyong. All awarded photos for the periods are published here. (

I, as the CPN President, would take the chance to thank you all for your great supports and contributions to CPN for the last 15 years! I'm very grateful with efforts and hard work to improve CPN for a better platform and a family for our members!

I will continue to lead CPN’s work until the new president is elected. Sorry for some mixed texts both in Chinese and English due to the limited time. I wish we could make a better version of CPN's history for the years between 2003 and 2018.

Cheers for CPN!

Dr. Xiuhua Zhang