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42017CPN 年会- 暨中秋国庆联欢 CPN Annual Conference, Holmenkollen Park Hotel, 09.24 2017-09-052019-07-11
5ERAS Multi-Cultural Festival2009-10-062019-06-07
62008 ERAS Festival Photos2019-06-072019-06-07
72016 ERAS Multi-Cultural Festival2016-09-222019-06-07
82018 ERAS多元文化节将于周末在奥斯陆市政厅广场举行2018-08-302019-06-07
92016 Video of ERAS Festival (photo link)2016-10-062019-06-07
102018 FANTASTISK ERAS FESTIVAL (photo link)2018-09-142019-06-07
112016 ERAS Festival - 多国文化节将于10月1日到2日在 Oslo Rådhusplass市政厅前广场上举行 2016-09-232019-06-07
122016 Photos of CPN at ERAS2016-10-022019-06-07
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612018 CPN 年会 / annual conference (添加: 年会议程)2018-09-232018-09-30
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652018 CPN 摄影比赛征稿截止日期延长至9月30号2018-09-182018-09-18
73CPN 2018 第2次百家讲坛 - 挪威个人税法(2017税表解读及2018税法变动)2018-04-142018-05-17
74Presentation of Ms Shi Yi Ni for CPN 百家讲坛 - 挪威个人税法(2017税表解读及2018税法变动)2018-05-172018-05-17
75Presentation from CPN 2018 第3次百家讲坛: 投资理财:如何选择基金和风险控制2018-05-152018-05-15
76CPN Calendars2008-01-302018-05-13
77CPN member download / Chinese Lunar Calendar2008-01-312018-05-13
78Registration (sign up / 报名) for CPN 2018 第3次百家讲坛: 投资理财:如何选择基金和风险控制2018-04-262018-05-03
79CPN 2018 第3次百家讲坛: 投资理财:如何选择基金和风险控制2018-04-262018-04-29
80Registration (sign up / 报名) for CPN百家讲坛 - 挪威个人税法(2017税表解读及2018税法变动)2018-04-142018-04-20
81CPN 2018 第一次百家讲坛 - 创新创业座谈会2018-01-062018-04-14
82Registration (sign up / 报名) for CPN百家讲坛 - 创新创业座谈会2016-08-282018-04-14
83CPN Photo competition2008-01-312018-03-07
84Upload a photo and let others know you better2008-05-282018-02-23
86 CPN主席 张秀华 新年致辞2018-02-122018-02-12
87Dr. Wang Yunyong:Photos from 2018 CPN Chinese New Year Gala 春晚精彩瞬间2018-02-112018-02-12
88Dr. Cai Xing: Photos from 2018 CPN Chinese New Year Gala 春晚精彩瞬间2018-02-112018-02-12
89Ms. Li Li: Photos from 2018 CPN Chinese New Year Gala 春晚精彩瞬间2018-02-112018-02-12
90Ms. Elise Chen: Photos from 2018 CPN Chinese New Year Gala 春晚精彩瞬间2018-02-122018-02-12
92To Register for Chinese New Year Gala on Feb. 11th 2018 CPN春节联欢晚会报名2016-12-142018-01-23
932017 挪威华人春节联欢晚会报名(非社团会员专用)2016-12-152018-01-06
103Registration for CPN 2018 new year party 春晚报名2018-01-032018-01-06
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1052018 CPN Seminars 百家讲坛系列2018-01-052018-01-05
1062017 CPN 交友娱乐活动-Social Dancing 报告(含2张精美照片和6段视频)2017-12-062017-12-06
1072017 CPN 交友娱乐活动-Social Dancing2017-11-132017-11-19
10829.10 CCI Workshop: Manage Business Opportunities and Markets2017-10-042017-11-19
109CCI Seminar Report: Norwegian Pension System2017-11-162017-11-16
110CCI Seminar on: Norwegian Pension System2017-10-202017-11-07
111CCI's Workshop held interactively with satisfaction of attendees!2017-11-052017-11-05
114Photo of CPN Annual Meeting2017-10-042017-10-04
115CPN 2017摄影比赛将开始网上投票,请大家欣赏佳作并投票选出你喜欢的作品2017-09-212017-09-29
116Report of CPN Seminar on What can Norway and other western countries gain from Chinese learning culture?2017-06-282017-09-27
117CCI Workshop: Manage Money and Realize Ideas2017-09-012017-09-05
118Coming CPN activities 2017-08-202017-09-01
120CPN Picnic 夏季烧烤联谊活动2017-08-202017-08-25
121CPN 2017年摄影比赛2017-07-032017-07-03
122Report and Pictures from Språk og Kulturfestival 201705202017-05-232017-06-28
123Report for seminar ‘Interview technique and tips – putting your best self forward’2017-06-262017-06-26
124CPN seminar 26th of June, 2017: What can Norway and other western countries gain from Chinese learning culture? 2017-06-062017-06-07
125CCI Seminar: Interview techniques and tips - putting your best self forward Monday June 19. 2017 at Litteraturhuset (OPEN)2017-05-262017-05-26
126CPN将参加 Informasjon. Språk og kulturfestival2017-05-102017-05-15
127Konferanse om ”maktfordeling og mangfold ”2017-05-042017-05-10
128Turist i egen by, Sunday,23 April2017-04-222017-04-22
129CPN Events 2015 2015-03-032017-04-21
131Report of CPN百家讲坛:挪威个人税法(2016税表及2017税法变动)2017-04-202017-04-21
1322017 CPN Seminars 百家讲坛系列2017-04-212017-04-21
133List of pages for admi only2013-11-132016-12-22
134Seminar Report: Employment Protection in Norway – How It Works2016-11-212016-11-21
135Photos of 2016 CCI Workshop II Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-11-022016-11-17
136Photos from CCI Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – How it Works?2016-11-172016-11-17
137Report of CCI Workshop II Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-11-022016-11-02
138Guidance on Entrepreneurship – From Ideas to Results2016-10-102016-10-30
139Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation2016-08-282016-10-23
1402016 CPN 年会- 暨中秋国庆联欢 摄影比赛发奖2016-09-092016-10-23
141CCI Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – How it Works? 2016-10-232016-10-23
142New CPN Board for term 2016-182016-10-142016-10-14
143Reward to the Best Business Idea/Proposal2016-10-072016-10-07
145Report of Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation -20162016-10-032016-10-05
146Photos from CPN Annual Conference2016-09-262016-10-03
1472016 CPN年会圆满结束 新一届理事会选举产生2016-09-282016-09-28
149Online voting2016-09-022016-09-22
1502016 CPN election for new board members2016-09-022016-09-22
1512009: Updated ERAS Festival details2009-06-122016-09-22
1522009: Reminder: ERAS festival participation on 13th June2009-06-112016-09-22
1532009: ERAS multicultual festival at Youngstorget on Saturday 13th June2009-06-082016-09-22
1542010: ERAS parade 19th June, Youngstorget2010-06-042016-09-22
1552011: ERAS multicultual festival on Saturday 11. June2011-05-302016-09-22
1562011: Picture of CPN ERAS Festival2011-06-132016-09-22
1572012: Welcome to ERAS Festival 20122012-06-052016-09-22
1582013: The 6th ERAS Multiple Culture Festival, 24th August, 12.00-21.002013-08-062016-09-22
1592013: Pictures of ERAS and Grillfest taken by Dr. YunYong Wang2013-08-272016-09-22
1602013 Report of ERAS festival2013-09-022016-09-22
1612014: A successful ERAS festival again2014-09-092016-09-22
1622015 ERAS多元文化节及CPN野餐2015-08-232016-09-22
163Seminar 5 - CPN 百家讲坛:挪威的路径设计与风景呈现 ---9月5号下午5点奥大2016-08-282016-09-20
164Seminar 4 - Report: 佛教的人生观和价值观2016-06-092016-09-20
165Seminar 4 - Registration CPN百家讲坛: 佛教的人生观和价值观2016-02-162016-09-20
166Seminar 3 - 图片报道:维格兰雕塑公园游园和烧烤会2016-06-082016-09-20
167Seminar 3 - Registration: Sculptures in Vigeland Park (Frognerparken)2016-02-162016-09-20
168Seminar 2 - Report: 黄土上的绿色奇迹 2016-04-262016-09-20
169Seminar 2 - Registration: 中国可持续发展的困境-究竟是环保还是经济发展2016-02-162016-09-20
170Seminar 1 - Report: 洪菲主讲《 雕塑艺术漫谈与欣赏》2016-02-162016-09-20
171Seminar 1 - Registration 洪菲主讲《 雕塑艺术漫谈与欣赏》2016-02-162016-09-20
172Seminar 5 CPN 2015 最后一次百家论坛: 在挪威创业问答2015-10-232016-09-20
174To Register for CPN Annual Conference 20162016-09-062016-09-19
175Online voting: Oct 23 - Oct 242014-09-302016-09-14
176CPN 年会 将于9月25日举行2016-08-272016-09-12
1772016年秋季 挪威华商会合作交流会 邀请函 (Invitasjon)2016-08-242016-09-12
179Seminar admin info2016-09-052016-09-05
1802016 CPN Seminars 百家讲坛系列2016-02-162016-09-05
181Blank / test / related info2016-02-162016-09-05
182Information of Candidates2016-09-022016-09-02
183CPN 2016摄影比赛已经开始征稿通知2016-08-152016-08-15
184交友娱乐活动-Social Dancing2016-08-082016-08-08
185Registration for 2016 CPN 交友娱乐活动-Social Dancing2015-04-212016-08-08
186CPN arrangements in August and September2016-07-112016-07-11
187Seminar 3: Sculptures in Vigeland Park (Frognerparken)2016-05-192016-06-09
188Seminar 4 - CPN百家讲坛:佛教的人生观和价值观2016-05-242016-06-04
189CCI Seminar: Knowledge of Job Hunting2016-05-022016-05-18
190Seminar 2: 中国可持续发展的困境-究竟是环保还是经济发展:黄土高原的农村发展案例分析2016-04-112016-04-14
192Seminar 1: 洪菲主讲《 雕塑艺术漫谈与欣赏》2016-02-162016-02-19
1932016 CPN Seminars2016-02-162016-02-16
1942016 CPN Chinese New Year Party Program 2016-02-022016-02-06
196Information on CPN Chinese New Year Party 春晚注意事项细节 2016-02-052016-02-06
197Photos from 2016 CPN Chinese New Year Party 2016-02-062016-02-06
199Registration for Party of Celebrating Chinese New Year on Feb. 5th2015-12-112016-02-04
200Confirmation of keeping my email in the CPN mailing list2015-12-092016-01-26
202Payment calculation or check, cabin sharing?2015-12-122016-01-01
203Information on Celebrating Chinese New Year on a Cruises to Denmark2015-12-082016-01-01
204会员见面会, 12月7日,星期一下午5点2015-11-292015-12-15
205CPN 信息快道2015-12-152015-12-15
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208Info on other CPN Mailing list2008-02-122015-12-09
209Check out if an email address is included the mailing list2008-05-192015-12-09
210Photos from CCI workshop on Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-11-102015-11-11
211Report about the workshop on Guidance on Entrepreneurship – Practical Issues2015-11-102015-11-11
212Photos from 2015 CPN annual conference2015-10-052015-11-10
213Summary of the workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation2015-10-272015-11-10
214Photos from 2015 CCI Workshop on 25.102015-10-262015-11-10
215Seminar 5 Registration: : 在挪威创业问答2015-01-182015-11-06
2162015 CCI Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation2015-10-062015-10-23
217Seminar 4 Report2015-01-182015-10-21
219Ticket check2015-08-252015-10-02
220To register for 2015 CPN Annual Conference2015-08-232015-10-02
221Program for CPN annual meeting, 2nd October2015-10-012015-10-01
2222015 CPN 摄影比赛开始投票2015-09-222015-09-26
2232015 CPN 年会-暨中秋国庆联欢2015-09-172015-09-22
225CCI Seminar: Job Seeking in Norway – What Can Make You a Better Candidate for the Job?2015-09-042015-09-09
226Report of the first CCI seminar about Employment Protection in Norway2015-07-032015-07-03
227Seminar: Employment Protection in Norway – What Are the Basic Rules?2015-05-312015-06-03
228Competence Center for Immigrants 20152015-05-292015-05-29
229IMDi / KSI 20152015-05-292015-05-29
230Seminar 4 Announcement: 挪威音乐之旅 & 挪威国家研究创新系统及项目申请指导2015-04-282015-05-05
231Seminar 4 Registration for 挪威音乐之旅---挪威黑金属 & 挪威国家研究创新系统及项目申请指导2015-01-182015-04-29
2322015 CPN Seminars2015-01-182015-04-26
233Seminar 3 Report2015-01-182015-04-25
234全新交友娱乐活动-Social Dancing , 5月10日2015-04-212015-04-21
235Seminar 3 Registration: 关于移民创业咨询服务 & 女性健康知识2015-01-182015-04-20
236Update your business info2015-04-132015-04-19
237Job opportunities on CPN website2015-04-162015-04-16
238Job opportunities in Beijing2015-04-162015-04-16
239Job Announcement Clinical Research Associated (CRA) Bergen2015-04-162015-04-16
240Seminar 3 Announcement: 关于移民创业的咨询服务 & 女性健康的知识2015-04-152015-04-15
242ZZZZZZ for later use if the list becomes too long2015-04-122015-04-13
243FAQ of Members' Business Pages2015-04-122015-04-13
244User list sorted by joining date2015-04-102015-04-10
245Seminar 2 Announcement: 石油对挪威经济的影响 纳米材料挑战和机遇 Mar 16 17:002015-03-012015-04-09
246Movie of Bian Lian, taken by Shi Min2015-03-302015-03-30
2472015 CPN Photos2015-03-302015-03-30
248Photos of 2015 CPN Chinese New Year Party by Yunyong2015-03-082015-03-30
249Photos of 2015 CPN Chinese New Year Party by Li Li2015-03-302015-03-30
252Seminar 2 Registration: 石油对挪威经济的影响 纳米材料挑战和机遇 Mar 16 17:002015-01-182015-03-04
253To Register for 2015 CPN Chinese New Year Party2012-09-112015-03-02
256Seminar 1 Registration2015-01-182015-01-31
257ZZZ placeholder2013-02-252015-01-27
258Seminar 1 Announcement: Paying tax in Norway Feb 052015-01-182015-01-21
259Seminar 1 Report2015-01-182015-01-19
260Seminar 2 Report2015-01-182015-01-19
261Seminar 5 Report2015-01-182015-01-19
263CPN 春晚征集节目和主持人2015-01-112015-01-15
264First meeting of CPN new members2015-01-022015-01-09
265A Satisfied Visit to Hadeland Bio-industries2014-09-252014-12-15
266The 4th. CCI's seminar of 2014 about "anti-bullying" held successfully2014-12-122014-12-12
268CPN / CCI Seminar: “Anti-bullying” (“mot mobbing”)2014-11-192014-12-12
27010.28 Photos from 2014 CPN Conference2014-11-132014-11-13
27110.27 2014年cpn摄影比赛获奖公布2014-11-132014-11-13
27211.06 Report after the CPN annual meeting 20142014-11-132014-11-13
27311.06 NEEC 通讯 November 20142014-11-132014-11-13
27411.10 Junior Club invites you to Christmas Party!2014-11-132014-11-13
27511.10 Invitasjon til Kvinnekonferansen "Kvinners helse = God folkehelse" den 8. desember 20142014-11-132014-11-13
27611.13 Fwd: Norsk sjømat for hele familien på Geitmyra2014-11-132014-11-13
278Messages to CPN mailing lst2014-11-132014-11-13
279Report after the CPN annual meeting 20142014-11-112014-11-11
280Photos from 2014 CPN annual conference2014-10-282014-10-28
2812014 Election for new CPN board members2014-09-302014-10-27
282Mail address verification for online voting2014-10-222014-10-23
283Nomination for candidates of CPN board 2014-2016 starts from 8th October2014-10-092014-10-22
2842014 Election for new CPN board members2014-09-302014-10-22
285Bing ZHAO - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
286Wanshan WANG - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
287Yun WANG - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
288Xiuhua ZHANG - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
289Xinli WANG - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
290Xing CAI 蔡行 - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
291Tianyu MAI - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
292Renjie SHAO - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
293Ji SU 苏技 - 2014 CPN board election - candidate2014-10-222014-10-22
294大型交友活动 缘聚•奥斯陆2014-10-202014-10-20
295Voting for 2014 CPN OXLO photography competition opens2014-10-162014-10-20
296 常常被围攻,从未被攻破, 但这周末却被中国人占领了!2014-10-172014-10-17
297CPN annual meeting on Saturday 25. Oct. 16:00 at Ullevål Business Class2014-10-142014-10-14
298CPN Seminar - Norwegian Labor Law and Trade Union2014-10-092014-10-14
299Photos from CPN trip to Halden and Strømstad2014-10-122014-10-13
300CPN bus trip to Halden and Strømstad on Saturday 11. October2014-09-292014-10-09
301Question and Answer to the control of form filling 2014-10-022014-10-02
302Registration for 2013 CPN Chinese New Year Celebration Party 春节晚会登记2013-01-112014-09-27
303CPN 2104 Photographs Competition Submission Deadline postponed to October 102014-09-262014-09-26
304CPN 2104年摄影比赛现已开始征集参赛作品 CPN 2104 Photo Competition2014-09-122014-09-25
305外拍摄影活动通知 Autumn outdoor photography2014-09-222014-09-25
306First seminar of CCI in 2014 held2014-09-092014-09-09
307Meeting with Norwegian Industry – A visit to Hadeland's Biofarms of bioenergy and waste management 2014-09-042014-09-04
308CCI Seminar: Norwegian Models for Solving Conflicts and Seeking Jobs as Migrants in Norway2014-07-112014-07-11
309Register online for CPN summer barbecue party Saturday 21. June2008-02-202014-06-06
3102014 CPN Summer Barbecue Party on Saturday 21. June2014-06-042014-06-06
311OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling 2014 “Oslo-en by for alle”2014-05-152014-06-06
3152014 The Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI)2014-05-062014-05-08
316CPN 春节联欢团拜会-- 2014年1月31日下午 18点,Forskningsparken2014-01-162014-01-16
317Summary for the joint seminar about "raising kids" and "barnevernet" by CPN Junior Club and CPN 2014-01-162014-01-16
318北游记02 省亲小分队(CPN十周年庆典之二)2013-12-202013-12-21
319 北游记01 小薇(CPN十周年庆典之一)2013-12-202013-12-21
320CPN 10-Year Anniversary2013-11-232013-12-02
321 People, Businesses and Pleasure - A Happy 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!2013-11-282013-12-02
322Bridging People and Businesses! - 10-Year Anniversary of Chinese Professionals in Norway2013-10-232013-12-02
323Photos from CPN 10-Year Anniversary2013-11-252013-12-02
324Photos from CPN 10-Year Anniversary (Part 2)2013-12-022013-12-02
325Registration for gathering: Bridging People and Businesses! - CPN 10-year Anniversary2008-09-022013-11-16
326CPN forum opens toll all living in Norway 2012-09-252013-11-13
327CPN seminar about social manner and socializing with Norwegians2013-10-222013-11-12
328CPN Photos From Haimiao for 10-year Anniversary2013-11-102013-11-10
329CPN Junior Club seminar: Raising children in a different culture and society2013-10-222013-11-06
330The site is partially back.2013-10-182013-11-06
331Seeking Test Persons2013-09-232013-09-26
332Information to all CPN members before the annual meeting2013-09-092013-09-22
333CPN Annual Meeting 2013 and Moon Festival Celebration, 21st September2013-09-112013-09-18
334Report of the guided tour of Stortinget2013-09-052013-09-05
335CPN 10 years photography competition / CPN十年回顾摄影作品征稿2013-09-022013-09-02
336Report of the getting together for enslige innvandrere 2013-08-302013-08-30
337Visiting the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), 4th September2013-08-222013-08-22
338Summer Barbeque Gathering of CCI, 24th August, 17.00pm2013-08-062013-08-13
339CPN News Index2008-02-202013-08-08
340Photos from panel debate of Norwegian top politicians on parliament election2013-06-132013-06-13
341Face-to-face meeting with top Norwegian politicians2013-05-092013-06-05
342CPN Seminar on Job hunting strategies and Norwegian Labor Law2013-05-092013-05-09
343Ski Day 20112011-12-212013-04-22
344Wonderful weekend trip to Rjukan2012-10-082013-04-22
345Seminar report: Aker Solutions in Norwegian Oil and Gas industry 2013-04-172013-04-17
346Seminar : Aker Solutions in Norwegian Oil and Gas industry2013-03-042013-03-25
347Board meeting in March2013-03-082013-03-08
348Photos and Videos of 2013 CPN Chinese New Year Party 2013-02-032013-02-26
349Great sucess and joy of 2013 CPN Chinese New Year Party2013-02-042013-02-04
350Celebration of 2013 Chinese New Year 2013-01-102013-01-14
351CPN table tennis tournament 2012 final results2012-12-212013-01-10
352Table tennis this Saturday (Jan. 5) 14:00-17:002013-01-042013-01-10
353Check it is in or out of Norway2012-09-242012-12-18
354About Table Tennis Tournament 20122012-12-142012-12-14
355CPN member Wenjie Wei successfully defended his PhD thesis2012-12-132012-12-13
356CPN traditional Chinese New Year party will be held on Saturday Feb. 2. 20132012-12-072012-12-13
357Videos of CPN seminar "Job hunting in Norway", by Renjie Shao, Erik Leung2012-11-192012-11-19
358Issue 01, 20132012-11-122012-11-12
359Brief of new members2012-11-122012-11-12
360Brief of new members2012-11-122012-11-12
361What's next?2012-11-122012-11-12
362What's happened?2012-11-122012-11-12
363What's next?2012-11-122012-11-12
364What's happened?2012-11-122012-11-12
365Cover story2012-11-122012-11-12
366Issue 12, 20122012-11-122012-11-12
367Cover story 2012-11-122012-11-12
368Issue 11, 20122012-11-122012-11-12
369Prizes of 2012 CPN OXLO Photo Competition «Norge i innvandrernes øyne» announced2012-09-302012-11-12
370CPN seminar "Job hunting in Norway", by Renjie Shao, Erik Leung, November 15th 20122012-10-192012-11-07
371Successful IMDi seminar regarding how to raise immigrants' children2012-11-072012-11-07
372New CPN board for next two years2012-10-122012-11-06
373CPN Board Election 20122012-09-112012-10-12
374Useful links2008-02-202012-10-12
375CPN seminar "Strengthen your child's self-esteem" by Kristin G. Haug, October 31, 2012 17:002012-10-022012-10-07
376CPN Annual Conference Online Registration Open2012-09-192012-10-03
377 Kun Zhao - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-10-02
378KID number and Introduction of CPN Web sites2012-10-012012-10-01
380 Su Ji 苏技 - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-29
381 Wang Yunyong - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-29
382Admin only (nre register member)2012-09-292012-09-29
383 Yong Lin - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
384Erik Leung (梁皓钧) - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
385 Shao Renjie - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
386 蔡行 Cai Xing - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
387 Wanshan Wang - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
388Wang Xinli - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-112012-09-28
389 TAO, Xiao Gang - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
390 Haimiao Bao - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
391Tianyu Mai - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-282012-09-28
392Xiuhua Zhang - 2012 CPN board election - candidate2012-09-112012-09-28
3932012 CPN Board Election Announcement2012-09-162012-09-24
394Voting for 2012 CPN photo competition2012-09-112012-09-12
395Summary of mushroom tour2012-09-112012-09-12
396CPN weekend trip to Rjukan from Friday 5. October to Sunday 7. October2012-09-052012-09-11
397Current (2010-2012) CPN board members2010-10-082012-09-11
398Sopptur 20122012-08-312012-09-11
399CPN annual conference, and celebrate Mid-autumn festival and Chinese national day on Sunday 30th Sept. 15:00-19:00, at Forskningsparken2012-09-112012-09-11
400Job searching and everyday life in Norway2012-05-222012-09-08
401OXLO Fotokonkurranse og utstilling “Norge i innvandrernes øyne”   2012-05-152012-09-08
402Photography seminar “Light and composition”2012-06-042012-09-08
404Welcome to Join the CPN Getting Together Party 2012 (August 4)2012-08-032012-09-08
405[CPN][CPN Junior Club] 邀请您参加8月25日举行的烧烤活动2012-08-072012-09-08
406CPN Board Meeting in September 20122012-08-292012-09-05
407Registration for CPN Getting Together Party 2012 (August 4)2011-11-302012-08-03
408Poll on CPN Sport Activities2012-05-112012-06-04
409CPN Boarding meeting2012-05-242012-05-24
410CPN Boarding meeting2012-05-242012-05-24
412IMDi Project Kick-off & Gathering successfully held2012-05-092012-05-10
4132012 IMDi Project Kick-off & Gathering2012-04-102012-04-17
414Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi) Prosjekt 20122012-04-102012-04-10
415CPN Made for CPN2008-05-082012-04-04
416Olympic torch lit at top of Mt. Qomolangma2008-05-082012-04-04
417A brief summary of gathering discussion on Tibet related topic2008-04-222012-04-04
418Se og Hør hva Norsk-Kineser mener om Tibet og OL2008-04-222012-04-04
419For økt kunnskap om Kina og fakta: Les norske aviser om Kina og Tibet2008-04-222012-04-04
420CPN Choir activity on Sunday 20 April2008-04-172012-04-04
421CPN Seminar: Economic Growth in China2008-03-262012-04-04
422CV for Expert database2008-03-072012-04-04
423CPN Seminar Announcement: Prof. Xu Chongyu ---- "Climate Change & Water Resources: Present Achievement & Challenges"2008-03-032012-04-04
424First activity in our cooking club2008-02-292012-04-04
425CPN Multimedia2008-02-282012-04-04
42630 new members joined!2008-02-232012-04-04
427Attention required!2008-02-232012-04-04
428Please do not forget them... 2008-02-122012-04-04
429Thank you for a great party yesterday!2008-02-122012-04-04
430CPN new online service - member information2008-01-312012-04-04
431CPN new online service - Calendar2008-01-312012-04-04
432CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 20082008-01-312012-04-04
433CPN new online service - Join CPN online2008-01-312012-04-04
434Seminar: Introduction to selected legal topics for working immigrants in Norway2012-04-032012-04-04
4362012 CPN Chinese New Year Party performance run down2012-01-132012-03-28
437CPN Ski Day 20122012-02-102012-02-11
4382011 OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2012-01-182012-01-18
439Premiene annonsert for 2011 OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2012-01-132012-01-18
440CPN president Dr. Wang Xinli received 2011 the Top10 Immigrant Award!2012-01-162012-01-16
442CPN - Chinese New Year festival on Saturday 14. Jan. 2012 at Forskiningsparken2011-12-222012-01-04
443Å stemme på nettet - OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2011-11-282011-12-13
444Brief of CPN annual meeting 20112011-11-072011-11-29
445Seminar about teenager immigrants on Nov 15th. 2011, 17:00-19:30 at Undervisningsrom 1 in UiO´s blibrary2011-11-022011-11-02
446IMDi seminar: Om Norsk arbeidsmiljøloven By Guro Jansdotter Skåre, EMI photopgraph competition By Ji SU, and CPN annual meeting 2011-10-092011-10-09
447OXLO Fotokonkurranse og Utstilling: "Innvandreres liv i Norge"2011-09-292011-09-30
448Successful social gathering in late summer -- Blaafarveværket visit2011-09-282011-09-28
449CPN annual meeting 8th Oct., 16.00 pm2011-09-232011-09-25
450IMDi Project Gathering – sopp tur 20112011-09-232011-09-25
451CPN gathering to Blaafarveværket on Saturday 17. Sept. 20112011-08-242011-08-24
4532011 summer barbecue festival at Sognsvan2011-08-042011-08-04
454Bordtenniskonkurranse - et CPN projekt sponset av IMDi2011-07-082011-07-08
455CPN Photo Competition 20112011-06-152011-06-15
456Another successful IMDi seminar about job hunting2011-06-132011-06-15
457Nordic Chinese Newspaper2011-05-282011-05-30
458IMDi seminar - Job hunting and seeking2011-05-192011-05-30
459A Successful Beginning of the Project! 2011-05-102011-05-11
460CPN membership2011-05-092011-05-09
461 Project Kick-off & Gathering - Kompetansesenter for Innvandrere2011-04-282011-04-28
462来自挪威森林的怀念 于娟,你的梦,我们来实现!2011-04-232011-04-28
463CPN's seminar on Chinese next phase development and cross-cultural communication and leadership2011-04-052011-04-23
464Seminar: A Norwegian Chinese expert’s views on cross-cultural communication and leadership2011-03-072011-03-07
465Pictures from the Kung-Fu show2011-02-122011-03-07
466Kung-Fu Show Lørdag 12 Februar Oslo Konserthus2011-01-242011-02-16
467Registration for CPN Chinese new year party2011-01-172011-02-16
468CPN new years party 20112011-01-162011-02-16
469Order ticket: Kung-Fu Show Lørdag 12 Februar Oslo Konserthus2011-02-022011-02-05
470CPN Ski Day on Sunday 19 Dec. at Tryvann2010-12-122010-12-12
471CPN Seminar: "Introduction about Norwegian culture, history and society", "Employment law and labor protection" on Thursday Dec. 2nd. 5-8pm at ForskningsParken2010-11-172010-11-17
472From CPN annual conference 20102010-10-312010-10-31
474 Seminar about "Parenting & Teaching" on October 20th2010-10-132010-10-13
475 Brief info about CPN annual conference2010-10-072010-10-08
476Report of CPN Annual Meeting 20102010-10-052010-10-05
477Photos from CPN annual meeting2010-10-052010-10-05
478Winners of CPN photo competition 20102010-10-032010-10-05
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484Nomination to new CPN board members2010-09-272010-09-27
485CPN Annual meeting, 2nd October2010-09-232010-09-23
486Reminder of CPN Annual meeting, 2nd October2010-09-232010-09-23
487Gathering No. 2 – picnic with nature adventure2010-09-072010-09-19
488Online voting for CPN's photo competition 20102010-09-192010-09-19
489邀请您参加8月8日举行的CPN烧烤活动 -- 延至8月15日2010-07-292010-08-06
490CPN summer fest at Gressholmen - New Date: Sunday, 15th August2010-07-292010-08-06
491Seminar: A better start for immigrant workers and their family2010-05-152010-07-29
492CPN photo competition 20102010-05-112010-06-05
493CPN's donation for Yushu earthequake help - 2nd transferring2010-05-062010-06-05
494CPN project application and results2010-05-032010-06-05
495CPN seminar about "Reservation or Abolishment of the Death Penalty under international law" 2010-04-132010-04-23
496Announcement of CPN on donation for people in Yushu earthquake 2010-04-222010-04-23
497CPN seminar about air pollution in China2010-03-082010-03-08
498The Chinese New Year Celebrating will continue after the great CPN party2010-02-082010-02-09
499Hong Fei's artwork at New Nordic Art Exhibition at Voksenåsen Culture center, Oslo from 14. Feb. to 5. March2010-02-092010-02-09
5002010 CPN Spring Festival Party2010-01-142010-01-14
501 Presentation slides about Oslo Adult Education Service Centre2009-10-282009-12-02
50228.november Frist for registrering - Top 10 - 20092009-11-032009-12-02
503Latest CPN Photos2009-10-052009-12-02
504Program for the CPN annual meeting2009-10-012009-12-02
505Topics for discussion at CPN's annual meeting2009-09-302009-12-02
506CPN annual conference and celebration of national day and moon festival2009-09-182009-12-02
507Online vote for CPN's photo competition2009-09-162009-12-02
5082009 CPN photo competition2009-06-252009-12-02
5092009 CPN children's Christmas party2009-12-022009-12-02
510CPN Boat Trip OSL - CPH2009-04-072009-09-09
511Videos from CPN Chinese New Year Party2009-01-262009-09-09
512Zhang Xiuhua wins Top 10 Immigrant Award 20082009-01-132009-09-09
513Revised CPN constitution and activities2008-10-082009-09-09
514Photos from CPN Chinese New Year Party2009-01-262009-09-09
516Last notice: 17 Mai CPN activity!2009-05-152009-09-09
517 Competition on 'A smater Norway'2009-06-052009-09-09
518CPN Picnic at Sognsvann on 23rd Aug 20092009-08-192009-09-09
519CPN seminar about Hamsun by Prof. Chengzhou He2009-08-192009-09-09
520Winners of the CPN 2008 photo competition2008-09-302009-02-17
521CPN Choir singing at annual meeting yesterday2008-09-282009-02-17
522Membership fee for 2008, Chinese new year party 20092008-12-082009-02-17
523Seminar about music by Mr. Cai Dasheng 2008-10-072009-02-17
524Survey for improvement of CPN web and mailinglist2008-10-162009-02-17
525关于CPN 春节联欢2008-12-192009-02-17
526Briefs of CPN annual conference2008-09-282009-02-17
527Fee for party and membership 20082008-09-302009-02-17
528CPN's Christmas party for children, Dec. 202008-11-252009-02-17
529New Email Topics through Mailing List2008-09-112009-02-17
530Invitation for breakfast meeting about EXPO Shanghai 20102009-01-292009-02-17
531CPN seminar about China Hydroelectric Project Construction2009-01-312009-02-17
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536Chinese New Year Concert 20092009-01-082009-01-26
537Poster of Chinese New Year Party 2009 (Chinese version)2009-01-082009-01-26
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547CPN action to the earthquake (norsk versjon)2008-05-162008-09-30
548CPN donation status (due 19 May)2008-05-202008-09-30
549Tusen takk igjen for støtten! - takkebrev fra CPN2008-05-302008-09-30
550Book of Condolences for the Earthquake in Sichuan2008-05-192008-09-30
551Book of Condolences for the Earthquake in Sichuan2008-05-192008-09-30
552CPN Donation status as of 23rd May2008-05-242008-09-30
553CPN donation status (May 16 evening)2008-05-202008-09-30
554CPN action on Sunday, 22 June at Frognerpark2008-06-162008-09-30
555Successful action of CPN on Sunday, 22 June2008-06-232008-09-30
556CPN Annual conference 2008 and moon festival celebration2008-08-312008-09-30
557CPN donation list as of June 16, 20082008-06-162008-09-30
5582008 CPN photo competition2008-07-122008-09-30
559Cooking club - learn to make Moon Cake2008-09-012008-09-30
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561Online registration of CPN annual meeting and holiday celebrations2008-09-122008-09-30
562Voting NOW: 2008 CPN photo competition2008-09-232008-09-30
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