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By admin - Posted on 10 April 2015


New pages for member's businesses

2 Steps to add your business

  1. Login by input your user name and password at the "User login" section on the left side or click here.
  2. Fill in the form here.

Further instructions, check out FAQ of Members' Business Pages

CPN also helps members to setup their own websites, including provide free web host / email service for one year. Click here for more details.

List of CPN member's businesses

HY ( HealthYiming)HY is specialized for Norwegian fish and fish products ,including fish /Krill oil Omega 3 exports from Norway to worldwide. HY flagship products are Salmon, Mackerel ,Code, Saithe and Herring frozen & fresh fishes for different markets. HY can provide services with English ,Chinese ,Turkish and Uyghur at the moment. 出口各种类的挪威鱼和鱼油。
Dragana Paulsen//Language Teaching and TranslationForeign Language Courses Would you like to speak Chinese or Norwegian language? 想学挪威文和英文的朋友们, 欢迎联系我! WeChat/微信: dralagana We offer quality tuition whether you are running a business, studying or are purely interested in Chinese culture! Group Lessons Private Lessons Lessons for Children NEW* Family Courses! ***New Chinese & Norwegian Courses start every 2nd Monday- hurry up and book a place within our friendly and diligent study groups (*max 4 students per group)! Translation/Interpreting Services We offer professional translation services for individuals and corporate customers in the following languages: (Written and Spoken) Chinese Norwegian English Serbian Dutch
Richard Chiu Business ConsultingAssist Nordic companies to setup and develop business in Hong Kong and China. Services include but not Limited to entry and marketing strategy, companies setup, business plan, quality control, financial analysis and accounting.
Ying's pianoservicePianostemming og pianoteknikk. 承接立式钢琴、三角钢琴调音和维修。 自2012年起在Pianoverkstedet Holthe og Bakke AS做兼职。
Pelles DesignAdvertising company, graphic design and company profile design, advertising products processing. 广告设计,平面设计,公司形象设计,广告及展示产品订做加工。

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  • This is only for member's own business, not for that of the employer.
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  • CPN is not able to check the information. It is provided as it is filled in.
  • CPN reserves the right to remove any information if the service is abused.
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