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1. About CPN member

CPN is a membership-based organization and open to those who have received or are taking higher education both in China or abroad and have original root from China. Information below gives an overview of CPN members about their education degrees, subjects of education, current working organizations, and hometowns from China. For information on individual members, please look at Member Profiles (You have to login to view detail information). More...

2. Join CPN

  • Join CPN online
  • Download CPN membership form, fill in it offline and send it back via email or other ways convenient to you

3. Member Profiles

Select a member name to get his / her detail information -->Profiles

4. Procedure of CPN to process a new registration

  • Fill in the form online (Join CPN/Create new account)
  • Submit
  • CPN Webmaster sends your registration to CPN Board for approval
  • On approval
    • CPN Board sends you a welcome letter by email
    • You pay for the member fee via bank transfer to CPN account: 0539.5799691
    • Your account on CPN website is activated
  • If not approved, the procedure will stop. You can contact with CPN board for further information.