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Brief info of Member's Business

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By admin - Posted on 11 April 2015


Company name / firmanavn / 公司名称:
Dragana Paulsen//Language Teaching and Translation
Business / Forretnings / 公司业务 :

Foreign Language Courses
Would you like to speak Chinese or Norwegian language?
想学挪威文和英文的朋友们, 欢迎联系我!
WeChat/微信: dralagana
We offer quality tuition whether you are running a business, studying or are purely interested in Chinese culture!
Group Lessons
Private Lessons
Lessons for Children
NEW* Family Courses!
***New Chinese & Norwegian Courses start every 2nd Monday- hurry up and book a place within our friendly and diligent study groups (*max 4 students per group)!
Translation/Interpreting Services
We offer professional translation services for individuals and corporate customers in the following languages:
(Written and Spoken)

Contact info / Kontakt info / 联系信息:
Email / 邮件地址:
Tel / 电话: 95529069
Postal Address / 邮政地址:
¨ Professor Dahls Gate 33E
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