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Upload a photo and let others know you better

Login to CPN website,
Click the link 'My account' on the left side
Click the link 'Edit'
Scroll down to 'Upload picture'
Click on 'Browse' to locate a picture file on your local disk
Upload it

Then each registered user can view your picture after loging in.

Unnecessary To the email already included in the Mailing list

When one send mail to the mailing list, it is not necessary to fill any mail addresses in the To / CC / Bcc field if those email addresses are already in the mailing list.

Our mailing list system is based on GMAIL service, it is almost the best service in the industry: Fast, Robust, Intelligent...

What's the Intelligent side?
(1) It only send one copy to multiple email addresses related with each other. Such as forward in serial, forward to itself...
(2) Spam / junk mail control

CPN Made for CPN

On this web site, some general contents are made exclusively for CPN:
(1) The slide show of official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, which is shown on the left side of this page.
(2) The slide show of Olympic torch lit at top of Mt. Qomolangma
(3) News Feed of The Norway Post

All registered CPN member has an account by default

(All registered CPN member has an account with user name and password by default)
(1) 就是我们给每个会员的CPN邮箱的用户名和原始密码
    (that is the user name and password for your CPN mail address)
(2) 可以登陆CPN forum
    (log in CPN forum with it)
(3) 可以登陆CPN新的Homepage
    (log in CPN home page with it)

(All registered CPN member can get the user name and password by)
(1) 访问CPN首页
    (visit CPN site)

Older contents will not be available

From this week, after the new site was put into action for about one month, the following section of this site ( will not be available sooner or later, redirected to the following pages
(1) ->
(2) ->
(3) ->
(4) ->
(5) ->

All CPN members' information added

On 2008-02-19, all members' information was added into the database
(1) Table for user, so every member can log in this site now, with the original user name and password for CPN email address
(2) Table for profile, so every member can update their information at any time they want, yes, after log in

Now the forum and this main site use the same set of user name and password for all memebrs

We will do next
(1) Check the access control for all members
(2) Update authorizations for members
(3) Make some special pages for send mail to all, list member information and so on.