Summary of mushroom tour

CPN arranged a successful mushroom tour around Sognsvann on Sunday 9. September 2012. Around 20 persons including 4 children joined the activity with their enthusiasm. We started out at 13:15pm. For many, this was the first time to pick up mushroom in Norwegian forest near to the city as part Norwegian culture for many Norwegians.

CPN annual conference, and celebrate Mid-autumn festival and Chinese national day on Sunday 30th Sept. 15:00-19:00, at Forskningsparken

Dear all,

CPN board will hold CPN annual conference 2012, 30th September Sunday from 15.00 o’clock at Forskningsparken, the same location as we usually have parties and meetings. The agenda and registration page will be followed shortly. At the same time, we will celebrate the traditional moon festival and national day.

CPN weekend trip to Rjukan from Friday 5. October to Sunday 7. October

Dear all,

CPN has decided to organize a weekend trip to Rjukan/Gausta from Friday 5. October to Sunday 7. October. This activity is also a part of our IMDi project. So please invite your new immigrant colleagues to join the trip and learn more about Norway!


Sopptur 2012

Dear friends,

Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN, is planning for a mush room trip on Sunday 9. September 2012. The activity is specially arranged for new immigrants and comers, who recently came to Norway for the work.

Date: Sunday 9, Sep, 2012
Time: We will meet at Sognsvann T-bane station 13:00. 13:00 – 15:30 nature adventure (in group) to pick up mushrooms or walk around Sognsvann.



由于时间关系, 2012年CPN摄影比赛”移民眼中的挪威” 将要延长征稿时间一周,*将于9月2号征稿截止。




The 2012 CPN Photo Competition «Norge i innvandrernes øyne» will end its photo submission process

on the 2 of Sept. Please send in your photos to the following address

CPN 苏技

[CPN][CPN Junior Club] 邀请您参加8月25日举行的烧烤活动

亲爱的CPN会员们,还有CPN Junior Club的小会员们,


CPN和CPN Junior Club荣幸地邀请您和您家人参加于8月25日(星期六)下午2点在Huk海滩举行的烧烤聚会。 Huk是在奥斯陆峡湾里中Bygdøy岛上的海滩,也是奥斯陆最著名的海滩,各位可以在此享受天然的浴场和尝试钓鱼的乐趣!

CPN 和CPN Junior Club届时会提供烤炉,食物,面包以及一次性餐具。


A.2点整我们将在30路终点站Huk的停车场集合,之后大家一起步行前往靠近Hukodden Strandrestaurant的海滩。

Q. 我怎么能到那里呢?
A. 大家可以直接乘坐30路公交车开往Bygdøy的方向,Huk就是终点站。关于如何转乘30路,各位可以在www.ruter.no上查询。