2012 IMDi Project Kick-off & Gathering

Forskningsparken, 3rd May, 16:30pm

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Immigrant Competence Center
-A platform for immigrant professionals in Norway

”Immigrant Competence Center” (Kompetansesenter for Innvandrere in Norwegian) is a project financed by the Norwegian Immigrant Authority, Integrerings- og Mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi) and run by Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN, www.cpn2003.no) since 2010.

The project aims to build up a platform/network for working immigrants and their families to meet their needs in information and supervision, after they come to work in Norway from different countries, particularly from Asia, Africa and Latin America, and in the beginning when they settle down in a new country and confront with culture and business differences.

More information about the project is available at www.workinginnorway.no.

Speaker Dr. Silvija Seres is a Hungarian from Yugoslavia and the Top10 winner for 2004. She gained a doctor degree from the Oxford University, lived and worked in Norway more than 20 years. She has made great demonstrations for promoting immigrants in the Norwegian society, with lot of experiences to share as successful professionals.

Speaker Karen Kristine Bårje from the trade union Tekna will present the concept “The Norwegian Model” applied to describe the distinguishing features in the organization of working life in Norway, regarding to wage bargaining and other concrete issues.

Date: Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 (it was postponed from April 19th)

Place: Forskningsparken,Gaustadalléen 21, N-0349 OSLO


16:30-17:00 Chinese food and networking

17:00-17:10 Welcome, Dr. Xinli Wang, President CPN

17:10-17:50 "Multi-cultural Challenges at Work and Positive Solutions", by Dr. Silvija Seres, Independent Board Member

17:50-18:30 "Why Should Employees be Organized in a Trade Union?" by Karen Kristine Bårje, Juridisk Rådgiver, Tekna

18:30 Break, round table and Party!

Seminar: Introduction to selected legal topics for working immigrants in Norway

It is a challenge for working immigrants to read thick books about Norwegian law, but it is a very important subject that we shall all understand as it concerns us everyday: What kind of rights and obligations as employees in Norway are entitled? What social benefits in Norway? How we fill in our annual tax declaration -selvangivelsen? Shall I buy a house or rent? etc.






CPN Ski Day 2012

CPN is going to arrange a Ski day at Tryvann Winter Park (http://www.tryvann.no/) on Saturday, 18th February 2012. This will include both downhill and cross-country skiing activities.

CPN will arrange some instrutors to teach new beginners of both downhill or cross-country groups. The payment is charged like below.

Alpine ski Fees: