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CPN有幸邀请到王孟瑜先生在12月5日给我们进行一次关于新型的免疫治疗癌症的讲座。(网上报名: https://cpn2003.no/en/node/613


免疫治疗癌症是一种继手术, 放疗和药物治疗后新展现的方法。溶瘤肽LTX-315 是一種具有強大免疫特性的合成药物。带有干细胞特征的大鼠软组织细胞系建立使我们有可能更进一步加深理解溶瘤肽的抗肿瘤作用。本次讲座,王孟瑜先生会基于他自己多年的研究介绍一种基于溶瘤肽LTX-315的实验治疗,针对具有干细胞特征的软组织肿瘤和转移特性的三阴乳房癌。


Happy Birthday to CPN

CPN is 15 today.

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Report of 2018 CPN Annual Conference

Today is the birthday of CPN! Happy birthday to CPN and all CPN members!!! The first CPN meeting was held on 18th October 2003.

Four days ago, 14th October 2018 CPN annual meeting was successfully held with Curling playing on Sunday 14th October 2014 at Jar Iceforum. CPN has passed her 15 years as an organization since established in 2003. The annual meeting was started with moon cake testing and ended with curling playing. Each participant left the meeting and play with satisfaction or inspired exciting by CPN's 15-year history and interesting curling play!

The meeting part was carried out as such:

  • Welcome, Dr. Cai Xing
  • CPN report (2003-18), Drs. Zhang Xiuhua, Wang Xinli, Wang Yun
  • Revision of CPN Constitution, Mr. Zhang Li
  • Suggestions for CPN’s Activities, Mr. Shao Renjie, Zeng Cheng
  • Election of CPN Board (2018-20), Drs. Yang Juan & Zha Yufeng
  • 2018 Photo Competition Award Mr. Su Ji.


Photos by Dr. Wang Yun