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Online voting

By admin - Posted on 02 September 2016

Voting will be carried on site of the meeting. No online voting this time.

Coming soon

Online voting is a two step procedure

  1. Fill in your email address to get an unique link for voting.
    The email address filled in has to be valid, registered, binding to a CPN member ID
    The unique link is valid for 24 hours, AND before the online voting is closed
  2. Use the link sent to your email address to open the page for voting

To avoid duplicated voting, your name will be removed from the list of on-site-voting attendances. Only registered CPN member who has not voted online will be included in the on-site voting list.

Online voting time: 2016-09-22 07:00 -- 2016-09-24 23:59 (Time left: -1772 day(s) 21:36:49 )

Rules of voting

  • Only CPN member who has paid for the 2016 annual membership can vote for the 2016 board election.
  • Your vote will not be accepted if your payment record is not available.
  • The payment record of 2016 was published at
  • One can vote either online or on site of CPN annual conference (25.09). Duplicated votes will be removed if happens.

How to vote

  • Click on a candidate's name below to view a brief introduction of the candidate.
  • Check the box before the name of a candidate to vote for this candidate.
  • One voter can vote for up to 9 candidates.
  • Click the 'Cast vote' button below to submit your voting.

Need help?

Online vote closed.