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2011: ERAS multicultual festival on Saturday 11. June

By Xinli Wang - Posted on 30 May 2011

Dear all,

The Fourth ERAS Multicultural Festival will be hold at Youngstorget on Saturday 11. June 2011. This festival is financially supported by EMI, Oslo Kommune and arranged by over 20 immigrant organizations with people coming from all continents in the world. CPN has always been the main support and participant of ERAS festival since the beginning. This is a very good chance to show our rich and colorful Chinese cultural to the Norwegian people. And it is also an opportunity to show that Chinese overseas and immigrants in Norway are highly educated, industrious, and contribute positively to the Norwegian society. In another words, we must be visible in Norway. Hope our members will prioritize this event and bring your family and friends to join the festival.

The festival will start with the opening's ceremony by speakers from the represents of Oslo Kommune. Then the parade starts to walk along the Karl Jonhans gate leaded by polity horses and an uniformed music-corps. Both the Chinese Dragen-dance team and a minority dance team will join the parade. After the parade, festival programs will continue at the Youngstorget with dances, music, and food from different countries. CPN Junior Club will arrange many interesting activities for kids in the children tent. There will also be programs from professional bands in the evening until 21:00. Detailed programs will be available later. You can find more information about the festival at:

The Festival starts at 12:00 o’clock. CPN participants will be gathered at Youngstorget 11:45. The dress code: you can put on your own dress, better Chinese style. Otherwise you can use the minority dresses CPN has prepared (then you need to come earlier to Youngstorget). The participant will get something to eat from CPN during the festival. Therefore, we need you to register at

Please give all participants' names including children's. CPN have an information tent available. Our participants have the possibility to sale your own Chinese art and other small products in the tents, free of charge! If you are interested, please send a mail to Bao Haimiao ( soon.

Xinli Wang

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CPN将参与文化节的游行和演出。中文学校的舞龙队以及妇女会的舞蹈队也将参加游行。游行需更尽可能多人参与。CPN游行集合时间是11.45。衣服可以在家穿好,中式服装最好,其它也可。我们也准备了少数民族衣服,拿到集合地点供大家使用。请提前到场换衣服。CPN还分配了一个帐篷,宣传品和中国工艺品可以出售,有意者,请与Bao Haimiao (联系。游行报名的网址是