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Information on CPN membership

By admin - Posted on 25 February 2013

Member fee for 2017 is 200kr per member. 2017年会费为每位会员200克朗。
  • Account number for CPN annul membership fee: DNB bank, nr: 0539.5799691
  • Minimal payment for CPN annul membership fee : 200NOK for individual membership, 100NOK for student membership. We appreciate it if you could contribute more than the minimal payment.
  • Please specify your Member ID in the bank transferring settings.
  • To send a payment recieved confirmation email:
  • CPN 会员费专用账号: DNB bank, nr: 0539.5799691
  • CPN 会员年费最低标准: 个人会员 200NOK, 学生会员 100NOK。非常欢迎和感谢会员多贡献。
  • 通过银行付款时请注明 Member ID.
  • 发送会费收到确认邮件:
  • 如有其它问题,请联系CPN 会计
  • Junior Club: list of membership payment received,
Please check the linked pages below for more information on CPN membership.