CPN Photo Competition

Upload pictures you took to participate in the competition, within September 15th, 2017.

Browse all the pictures of this annual event, from 2006.

Everyone is welcome to join the competition.

5 You can upload upto 5 photos for the competition.

Pictures taken by a camera or a mobile device.

Photo file size < 4.8MB.

File name in Chinese is not allowed. The photo title can be in Chinese.

Please upload your photos within September 15th, 2017.

Email your photos to us

Yes, it is possible to submit your photos for the competition via email.

Please send your photo to:photo @ cpn2003.no.

It would be better to list the file names, titles of photos and name of the author in the email message.

Please refer to the section "Upload your photos today" for more information.


Vote for your favorite photos

CPN members and the authors can vote for the competition.

6 One can vote for upto 6 candidate pictures.

More information on voting will be available later.

Question / suggestion?

Please contact Mr. Su Ji if you have any question related to the event, at: photo @ cpn2003.no

Question / suggestion on CPN web service, please send to webmaster @ cpn2003.org