Two steps (文件名不得包含中文及ÅÆØ等字符)

1 Fill in your name, email and choose your pictures to upload. (请输入作者的名字和联系邮件,然后点击 Browse / choose files 选择照片,可以同时选多个文件

Chinse character and åøæÅØÆ are not allowed in file name (文件名不得包含中文及åøæÅÆØ等字符)

2 After your pictures are uploaded, you will be asked to fill in a tiltle for each photo you upload. (照片上传完成后,系统会要求继续填写照片的标题)

A demo video is shown below. You are welcome to watch it in necessary (本页下部有上传过程演示影片,需要时欢迎观看)



Multiple files once allowed

Please contact us for further information or assistance 如果需要帮助,请随时和我们联系。


Every CPN and Junior Club member is welcome to join the competition.

5 You can upload upto 5 photos for the competition.

Pictures taken by a camera or a mobile device.

Photo file size < 4.8MB.

File name in Chinese is not allowed. The photo title can be in Chinese.

Please upload your photos within September 20, 2023.

Why name & email required

Name is required so that we can announce who is the winner.

We may contact you via the email you filled in for further information of the competition and the pictures you upload.

A list of photos you upload will be sent to the email address you filled in.

Photo Orientation

Photos taken by certain devices (e.g. some iPhones) may have special marks on photo orientation, especially for photos in portrait orientation. To display this kind of photo properly, the system will try to fix it automatically. This operation may result in certain data loss of your picture file..

It is recommended that you check your photos on your PC/MAC before uploading. Operations like Open and Save As... the picture file via software like Photoshop should make everything right.


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