Workshop on Innovative Applications of Generative AI:

Opportunities and Challenges for Privates and Enterprises, a project site of CPN
A joint effort of CPN and central & local governments to help immigrants, from 2010
- Time: 17:30-19:30, 29th November 2023
- Place: Hรธyres Hus, Amundsen ๐Ÿ“
- Target Audience: Immigrants from all countries
- Organizer: Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN)

Recent advancements in AI have expanded its applications across various fields, from basic tasks like language translation and trip planning to complex ones such as disease treatment. This technology caters to diverse human needs, simplifying our lives while also raising concerns about its potential to replace human jobs. This scenario presents a crucial consideration for job seekers and entrepreneurs: understanding AI's impact on career choices and business opportunities, amidst these challenges. Our upcoming workshop is designed to address these issues, featuring expert insights and interactive discussions. We eagerly anticipate learning from shared experiences and hearing your perspectives on this significant topic.

Chinese Professionals in Norway (CPN) is a professional and immigrant organization that has through previous work developed strong competence in helping immigrants with job applications, understanding the Norwegian business cultures, and developing ideas for becoming entrepreneurs. CPN has through its highly educated members built a wide contact network in Norwegian society, in addition to close cooperation with other immigrant organizations and the public sectors that manage instruments for innovation.

The workshop is financed by the Oslo municipality via the project entitled "Go for a job or an entrepreneur?". It will be held in English and free of charge. All attendees must register online at, due to the food reservation. The deadline for registration is 26th November 2023.

For further information, please contact Dr. Linmei Nie (, 93625108) Dr. Xiuhua Zhang (; 99705189).

Welcome to the workshop!


17:30-18:00 Registration, Food and social networking
18:00-18:10 Dr. Xiuhua Zhang, President of CPN. Introduction to CPN and the project
18:10-18:40 Dr. Min Shi, Building enterprise generative AI applications at low cost, Veyt As.
18:45.19:15 Dr. Weiqing Zhang, A journey towards using LLMs on enterprise digitalization, Telenor Group.
19:15-19:30 Discussion and feedback to the workshop

Welcome you to the workshop with your experiences and questions!



Dr. Xiuhua Zhang

Xiuhua is Special Adviser at The Research Council of Norway and President and co-founder of CPN with IT edcuation. She has been working in different organizations such as university, research institution and industry like Telenor Mobil, as well national and international R&D projects. She has severed CPN since itโ€™s established in 2003 and CCI in 2010.

Dr. Min Shi

Min Shi holds a PhD in Intelligent Systems from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She currently works at Veyt as a Senior Data Scientist. Throughout her career, Min has accumulated a wealth of experience in system development and data science. She has rich experiences in machine learning, specially focus on the application of deep learning algorithms in model development.

Dr. Weiqing Zhang

Dr. Weiqing Zhang is a senior research scientist at Telenor Research, Telenor Group. He has extensive work experience in the fields of data management, data analytics, software development, and system integration. He focuses on developing cutting-edge AI solutions and conducting innovative research with applied knowledge of big data infrastructure, data engineering, and machine learning in recent years. He obtained his Ph.D. in Informatics from the University of Oslo (Norway) and his MSc in Enterprise Computing from the University of Bordeaux (France). He has led various scales of industrial and research ICT projects with startups, multinational corporations, and academic institutes.

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